This is the time of year when many people want to “throw out the old and ring in the new.” We don’t disagree that resolutions and embracing the new year with a renewed vigor and fervor are bad ideas, but many times people set themselves up for failure when they set resolutions that are either vague or unachievable. With January and 2018 being less than one week old, it is the time to sit down, reflect on the past year and write down some items you want to achieve in the new year.

If you have already set your resolutions, look at them and see if they are goals that are able to be measured and if they are goals you want to stick with. A measurable goal, for example, is one that has a metric attached. If you say, “I want to swim more” that is not measurable — more than what? If, however, you say, “I want to spend at least 30 minutes a day in the swimming pool swimming laps” that is a measurable goal. Instead of saying, “we want to have more pool parties,” you should say, “we want to have one pool party a month all season long.”

2018 Resolutions For Swimming Pool Owners

You may find that your resolutions have focused on financial or personal or business goals, but how about setting a few swimming pool resolutions? We have put together a list of some from which you can choose.

2018 Resolution 1: Use a pool cover. This is a resolution that will save you money and time — what better combination?! Using a pool cover will slow the rate of water evaporation and that will lead to your not having to use as many pool chemicals. Using a pool cover will keep debris from the water and that will cut back on the amount of time you spend skimming the water. It’s a win-win! If you don’t have a cover or if you have one but it is too difficult to put on and take off, talk with your pool contractor about having an automatic pool cover installed.

2018 Resolutions 2: Host more pool parties. We know we said you need to be specific with your goal so set a goal of how many pool parties you want to host and start planning them now. Let your guests know when they will be. If you live in a wintery part of the country, this pre-planning for a summer pool party will give you and your guests something to look forward to. Write the pool party dates on the calendar and set a theme for each one.

2018 Swimming Pool Owner Resolution 3: Go green. Using a pool cover cuts back on water evaporation, as we’d mentioned, and this will also help you conserve water — a green pool owner resolution for sure. Use fewer pool cleaning chemicals, if possible. Talk with your pool contractor to determine ways in which you can keep the pool water bacteria-free and potentially use fewer chemicals. You can go “greener” by running the pool pump at night when there is a smaller draw on the electric grid and when costs are lower.

pool circulation2018 Resolution 4: Learn to lest your water’s chemistry. It is great to work with a pool service contractor who will test your pool water and will clean and service it for you, but it is never a bad idea for a pool owner to know how to test the chemistry and what to do if it isn’t balanced. Either buy your own test kit or resolve to take a pool water sample to your local pool contractor and ask them to test it for you. Most test kits come with instructions and you can even ask your pool contractor for a quick lesson.

2018 Resolution 5: Keep it cleaner around your pool. If you have trees that are dropping leaves or are playing host to birds ( and bird droppings!) on your pool, cut back the branches. Rake up leaves that may have gathered in and around your pool equipment. During the autumn months, if your pool is still warm enough to swim in, but is being plagued with fallen leaves, invest in a leaf pool cover — this is a light cover that will keep leaves from falling into the pool and will cut back on the time you spend skimming before you can swim.

The final, and most fun, 2018 swimming pool resolution: Swim more often. Enjoy time with friends and family as frequently as you can. Make your swimming pool the party hot spot or make your pool the place where you go to relax and unwind after a rough day at work. Your pool is an investment that you made and you should wring as much fun out of it as you possibly can.

Here’s to a fun and properous 2018 for all swimming pool owners!