Let’s say up front we NEVER advocate swimming alone in the pool. That being said, if you want to be alone in the pool make sure there is someone in the house or in the yard or within shouting distance. We get it, there are times when you simply want to swim solitary laps without someone “watching over you” but going into a pool when there is no one around to offer help or assistance if you run into trouble is NEVER a good or safe idea.

If you want to swim laps or do water aerobics or a water workout, let someone know. Make sure they are within shouting distance if you run into trouble or that they will check on you every few minutes. A water accident can happen quickly and you need to be safe, rather than ever sorry.

Swim Safely In Solitude

How to make a solo swim rewarding, something you look forward to and safe:

core strengthIf you have determined that you want to get in a swim workout and want to be alone doing it, follow the above tips for safety and then use these tips to get the most out of your pool workout and swim routine.

  • Don’t dip your toes into the pool and wander around and try and talk yourself out of your routine. Walk up to the pool with purpose and jump right in. When you hesitate, it’s easy to talk yourself out of working out, right?
  • If you know what you’re going to do, which muscle groups you’re going to focus on and what you want to accomplish before you get in the water, it will make it easier to stick with it. Writing down your routine and then performing the physical act of crossing off your swim workout routine is very satisfying and you can also track your progress when you write it down.
  • If you love music, bring your smartphone and find your favorite music station and play while you’re swimming. If you want to pump yourself up, listen to heart-pumping music before you swim.
  • You want a routine, but don’t get stuck in a rut with swimming the same laps, strokes and speeds in the same order every time. Use pool exercise equipment, switch up the swim strokes you use, keep it interesting and keep yourself interested!
  • Do you have a goal for your swim workout? To lose a specific number of pounds? To get in shape for a triathalon? Do you want to get your heart healthier? Did you simply commit to yourself that you would be up and active and moving more regularly than you have in the past? Working toward a goal will keep you motivated.

Practice positivity. If you swim alone, you are responsible for your own positive self talk. Choose a mantra and use it when you feel yourself slowing down or losing your motivation.

fun in the poolTalk to a friend. Even if you swim alone, it’s nice to have someone to share the highlight of your swim with. Talk to a friend or family member, call someone, get on a facetime chat and discuss your wins! If you’re in training for a specific athletic event, it helps keep you motivated to talk with someone who understands what that’s like. Commiserate the hard days, and celebrate your swim wins!

Be patient with yourself. If you’re just starting out, keep in mind that you don’t want to write down your routine to include “swim 50 laps” on your first day. Work your way up to 50 laps, if that’s your goal. Don’t get so ambitious on the first outing that you burn out.

Remember why you’re swimming. You could have chosen any kind of workout, but you choose swimming. Why? Probably because you love it. Remind yourself of that when you are struggling to want to follow through with your workout on any given day. Remind yourself too that swimming is infinitely more enjoyable than jogging or running or bike riding!

Again, we urge people to never swim alone, but if you’re in the pool by yourself, make sure someone knows and make sure they know when to expect you back. Better yet, have them come hang out poolside while you’re in the pool. Having someone watching you work out in the pool just may make you work a little bit harder!