Parties and food and drink just go together. There is nothing better than when you can combine food, drink and Halloween fun and we have ideas on treats that fit the spoooooky bill while being tasty crowdpleasers. This might be the one night of the year when you tell your kids to play with their food!

Delicious Halloween Party Foods on the grillhalloween food

There is the old Halloween party food standby of dropping peeled grapes (eyeballs) into a bowl of cold-cooked spaghetti (guts). Or you can drop peeled grapes into a bowl of tapioca pudding (a different kind of guts!). Sure, you probably won’t be eating too much — if any of the food that everyone has had their hands in while they tried to figure out what the guts and eyes were, but it’s one night and playing with Halloween food is fun!

Here are some foods you will want to eat, not just play with.

  1. Mummies. Slice jalapeno in half. Fill with cream cheese. Wrap with a thinly sliced crescent roll. Add in peppercorn eyes and drop on the grill to cook. You can also wrap the mummies in bacon for an even tastier treat!
  2. Hot dog fingers. Score uncooked hot dogs to look like knuckles. You could even slice out a piece at the top to simulate a fingernail! Once the food is cooked, dribble blood (catsup) on the fingernail and knuckles and enjoy!
  3. Grilled “bat wings!” Only you and the chef know for sure that these are grilled chicken wings!
  4. Grilled monster legs — covered with bbq sauce also known as turkey legs and blood!
  5. Slice and grill up pumpkin and squash. You could grill spaghetti squash, shred the interior, add dollops of sauce and it could be another way to serve “guts!”
  6. Open-faced cheeseburgers take on spooky traits when you use a cookie cutter to cut Halloween faces into the cheese before you place the cheese on the open-faced burger!
  7. Design a skeleton-themed meat platter. Grill bacon, wrap around a block of flavored cream cheese, shape it into the head. Add in olives for the eyes, grilled red peppers for the “heart” baby back ribs for the… you guessed it, ribs. Cooked, coiled sausage makes up the innards. Slice and serve with crackers.
  8. Try your hand at mulled, spiced cider with warm cinnamon sticks. Brew up some hot cocoa, top with marshmallows and gummy eyes for a drink that looks back at you!
  9. Cook up meatballs, drizzle with catsup, stick in pimento eyes and pretzel legs and shredded lettuce hair for a spooky fun finger food.
  10. Jello shots with gummy candies are a sure after dinner favorite.
  11. Add some red or green food coloring to most food to give it that spooky hue.

Let your imagination run wild and put a spooky spin on everything you grill up for your Halloween party!