Thinking of adding a waterfall to your pool? Keep these 5 thoughts in mind.

Have you been dreaming about having a cascade of fresh water pouring into your plain old swimming pool? Have you always wanted to transform your backyard into a tropical paradise complete with a waterfall? Well, then here are some things you should think about before you call in the pool builders to install your waterfall.

Add a grotto

Visualize this. A gushing, cascading curtain of water pouring over a grotto, tucked away underneath the fall of water- a place where the sound is muted yet evident. Wouldn’t this be just the perfect place to enjoy some solitude? Add the right kind of lighting and you make your grotto the perfect spot for a romantic few hours with your partner.

Get that natural look

There is nothing wrong with just adding a waterfall feature to your pool for the functional purposes but why not give it some extra thought and make it a truly stunning work of art too? A simple way to do this is to create a rock waterfall. Talk to your pool builders about what you want and have them create a rock structure that leads into the pool. The water fall cascades over these rocks and drops into the pool, creating the impression of being a part of a natural formation. If you are looking to make your pool a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the regular world, this is a perfect plan.

“Old Faithful” right in your pool

Well, not really but you can get close to Old Faithful but installing gushers in your pool. These are water sprayers that shot out a stream of water into the air. You may think of it as an upside down waterfall but the water does fall down upon the swimmers from a height so it has pretty much the same effect. This one is perfect for families where kids tend to use the pool a lot because they just love these gushes of water that make splashing and water games so much more fun.

Think about the noise factor

One aspect that many pool owners overlook, unfortunately, is that the waterfall does make a noise that can be quite distracting. Of course, this can be turned to your advantage too. If your home is situated close to a high traffic road and you want to cut down the street noise filtering into your poolside sanctuary, mention this to your pool builders. They will determine what kind of waterfall to add (with what magnitude of water flow) to create enough noise to drown out all of the outside racket. But, you want to keep the waterfall smaller if you don’t want a continuous roaring of sorts in the pool that prevents you from talking to others sharing the waters with you. Ask about options that you turn off the waterfall easily and quickly right from the pool.

Light it up

Don’t forget to talk about lighting options that highlight the new water feature and lend it a mystical beauty at night. LED lights are energy efficient and long lasting and they serve the dual purpose of adding a touch of elegance to the whole picturesque scene while giving you enough light to use the pool safely. Think colored lights or even string lights to create a festive atmosphere that is ideal for pool parties. Of course, hidden lights within your pool tiling or across the decking make the areas well lighted without any obtrusive lamps and domes marring the scene. Get your pool builder to give you lighting ideas and see pictures of innovative lighting they have done at their clients’ places, if you can.