Spice up your holidays! Celebrate Thanksgiving with these fun activities.

Thanksgiving is more than just a day when you stuff yourself with turkey and pie. It is a time to celebrate every single thing that you are thankful for throughout the year, big or small.

Here are five fun activities that you can add to your usual festivities to help you celebrate the true essence of Thanksgiving with the family outdoors or inside the comfort of your home.

A Wall of Thanks

Choose a section of wall at your backyard to hang some kraft paper or a disposable paper tablecloth and place some colorful markers nearby. You can easily get these from Walmart or your local arts and crafts store.

Using one of the colored markers, write down something that you are thankful for this year. Get everyone in your family to do the same.

As soon as your guests arrive, let them choose a colored marker and then give them time to add something to your “Wall of Thanks.”

Your Wall of Thanks can also double up as a souvenir that your guests can take home with them after dinner. Take down your Wall of Thanks and then cut them into rectangles, each measuring 18 inches x 14 inches. Run these through a laminating machine twice. Now they got a placemat that they can use and remind them about so many things that they can be thankful for every day.

Turkey Tag

Your kids will have loads of and will work up quite an appetite with this fun Thanksgiving game.

Give each child three clothespins of the same color and let them place them anywhere on their body and ask them to spread out around the backyard. At the signal, each player tries to get off the clothespins off the other players. Once all the three pins are removed from a player, that player is out of the game. The one left is the winner.

Pin the Gobble

This is a variation of the “Pin the Donkey” game you played when you were younger. Download a picture of a turkey from the Internet and print it out. Make several copies of the Gobble (that’s the red thing hanging underneath the turkey’s chin) and cut them out and attach some double-sided tape at its back.

Give a player a Gobbler. Bring them five steps away from the turkey picture and then blindfold them. Everyone else cheers on and guides the player as he or she tries to pin the gobbler.


To make this very popular party activity fit for the occasion, choose topics that are all related to Thanksgiving.


Not only is this a fun Thanksgiving activity that you can do in your backyard, but this is also one sneaky way of getting everyone else to help out with your Thanksgiving dinner.

If you don’t have time to make your pie crust, you can always buy some ready-made ones from your local supermarket along with disposable aluminum pans that would be perfect for single-serve pies.

Arrange these on your outdoor grill along with a variety of fruit preserves, nuts, and purees for them to choose and use as their fillings. Pop them into your grill, making sure that all of them are on the indirect heat area.

If the weather is too cold for you to do this outside, don’t worry. You can always do this inside.