Fun In The PoolMarco Polo

  • Pick a person to be “it”. This person has to wear a blindfold or something that will make sure they won’t peek.
  • The “it” player has to try to catch the other players.
  • If the “it” player calls out “Marco!”, then the other players have to reply back “Polo!”
  • The first person to be touched by the “it” player becomes “it” in turn.
  • Continue until everyone’s had enough.

Throw, Dive, Retrieve

It’s always¬†fun to dive for objects in the pool.
Diving sticks or diving rings can be sunk and brought back to the surface, time-and-time-again, for hours on end; the fun, pride, and awesome feeling of accomplishment will never wear out and become boring.

Sea Monster

No specific rules.

3 or more players just act casual, like people enjoying a swim in summer while the oldest is a mysterious sea monster, appearing whenever they please to try to “eat” the other players. The swimmers are unaware of the sea monster’s presence, until the first attack.

  • After then the swimmers are always scared and the story line changes to “We have to kill the monster!”.
  • Once a swimmer is either tightly grabbed or even gently bitten by the sea monster, the player is out.
  • But the player can return as a different character, in a small period of time.
  • The game is played in a role-play fashion, some even say it is played like you are acting in a movie. There is a plot, there are characters. The game does not end until all the swimmers are dead or the monster is killed.
  • The monster is killed only by being held on land by the swimmers for one full minute, which can only be done after 1 hour or when all players decide to stop the game. This game ideally lasts 2 hours.

Shark Attack

  • There are two people that are sharks and the other people are tourists. The aim of the game is to be the last person alive. The sharks can eat each other.
  • The oldest person is the shark and 3-6 people are divers.
  • The divers jump in the water and try to swim to the other side and get out of the pool.
  • The shark swims after the divers, and the ones tagged are “dead”, out of the game until next round.
  • Every time a diver is caught, the shark, if it pleases, can call out; “Chomp Chomp Chomp”.
  • Keep playing until one person is left.
  • The prize for the winner is the permission to dare the “shark” to do something embarrassing, like wriggle on the ground singing ‘Hey-ho! Hey-ho! I’m a shark and I swim too slow!” or slapping their goggles against their face.

Dance Tag

  • This game is similar to tag.
    Assemble players. This game requires a minimum of 2 people.
  • Start with a person who is “it”. This person must chase the other person and touch them.
  • Upon being touched, a player must do a dance move for 5 seconds. Every time the person is touched, this must be a different move, or the person is out.
  • Other players can stop and judge whether the move is different enough or not.
  • Change who is “it” frequently, even if the moves are all the same.

Underwater Movie

  • Buy a cheap waterproof camera and film a little movie. Make it about a scary sea monster, fish in the ocean, or just a person who loves to swim, the possibilities are endless!
  • If you are talented with editing software, you can even add special effects and make it look like you were shot out of a cannon and into the pool!

Other ideas

  • Buy some pool toys, such as diving sticks or inflatable rings.
  • Have a race! See who’s the fastest while doing slow-mo swimming etc.
  • Practice your swimming. You might get better!
  • Bring some friends if it’s a party or a public swimming pool.