Stress takes its toll on your body — all of it. Your heart and your mind suffer when you’re always operating from the position of being in a state of anxiety and stress. Swimming is a healthy way to alleviate stress, give your mind a break and help your body recover from a stressful day or event. There are 7 ways swimming is great for your health — overall — as well as being great for your mind, and soul.

Knowing that you have a swimming pool or spa to go home to after a long day at work, chasing the children or sitting in traffic will surely put a smile on your face. When you swim the stresses of the day simply melt away. Owning a swimming pool is a great spot for a party, for you to float on a raft and relax with your favorite beverage, swim laps and just play games and build memories with your family.

Because swimming laps is a repetitive, essentially mindless, exercise it is an activity that not only helps you get in shape (bonus) but you’re lowering your stress and blood pressure with every stroke.

7 Ways Swimming Is Great For Your Health

We have put together a list of seven reasons you need to incorporate swimming into your life.

7 Ways Swimming Is Great For Your Health
  1. As mentioned, swimming alleviates stress and anxiety. When you swim, you will temporarily feel less stress. It’s the combination of the water, the buoyancy while in the water and the repetitive motion of swimming laps — if that’s what you’re doing — will help relieve you.
  2. When you swim or get any kind of exercise during the day you will sleep better at night. When you are pleasantly tired from a workout you will sleep better. Getting a good sleep will help you face the day ahead with a happier attitude.
  3. If you are struggling with your blood sugar, swimming laps in warm water could help lower the levels of sugar in your blood. This is especially a benefit for those wtih Type 2 diabetes. New England Journal of Medicine, in a recent study found, that “patients with Type 2 diabetes who swim for a half an hour a day, six days a week, experience lowered blood glucose levels.”
  4. Swimming can help alleviate chronic pain like knee or back pain. Even if you have knee or back pain, your doctor may recommend swimming as a way to get in shape and help reduce pain because you’re moving muscles that are tightenened by pain.
  5. Your heart will thank you and it will be healthier because of the exercise. Swimming improves your heart health and your lung capacity. That will help you feel better and better deal with any stresses the day brings. Swimming also lowers cholesterol levels and that improves heart health.
  6. Your skin will glow and look healthier and younger. When you get exercise you move toxins throughout your body and they are removed and that leads to younger and healthier skin — that’s a win!
  7. We’ve mentioned it many times, but you just might lose weight. Swimming is great for those who are overweight or who may not have been active in the past because they can get up and get in the pool and swim without fear of injury. Swimming is typically doctor-approved.

What can you do to get the pool set up for stress relief success?

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  1. Eat a light dinner before you swim. You don’t want to swim when you’re hungry or your blood sugar is low or you won’t reap the benefits.
  2. Turn on music and lighting that will help you set a relaxing mood
  3. Swim in long, slow strokes. You’re not swimming to race, you’re swimming to relax
  4. Consider lighting candles or incense in relaxing scents like lavendar or white citrus
  5. After you’re done swimming, wrap up in a soft, plush warm robe and sink into a soft lounge chair to complete the relaxation session.

Time spent in a pool is always time well spent. You can make it even better time spent when you swim away from the stress of the day.