Owning a swimming pool and a hot tub can really make a dent in your wallet. From cleaning and maintenance to heating and electricity to run the pumps and filters, if you’re not budgeting well, you may find it’s too expensive to use your hot tub and swimming pool.

We have some tips to help make your hot tub more energy efficient so you can soak without worry about the cost! After all, when you’re in a hot tub, you just want to relax and soak away the stresses of the day and not wonder if you can afford to keep the hot tub running.

7 Ways To Have A More Efficient Hot Tub

Energy star equipment is one of the best ways to save money and be more energy efficient with any piece of equipment in your home or pool or hot tub. Energy efficient equipment will also help the environment.

Treat Your Family To A Swimming Pool Water Heater
  • A portable hot tub is more energy-efficient than an inground hot tub. The reason for that is above ground, portable hot tubs are more well-insulated than in-ground hot tubs.
  • Lower the temperature of the water in the hot tub a few degrees between uses. This is especially important if you don’t use the hot tub daily. If you know you’re not going to use it for a few days, turn the temperature down then just remember to turn it up several hours before you want to soak. It will typically take eight hours to raise the water temperature by ten degrees.
  • Use a hot tub cover. This will trap in any heated water.
  • Lower the temperature a degree or two when you’re soaking. Chances are you won’t even notice a degree or two drops but your wallet will thank you!
  • If you’re not using the hot tub, turn off the jets. Consider getting the jets on a timer so they turn off and you don’t have to think about it or potentially forget to turn them off.
  • Portable hot tubs are typically more energy-efficient than inground hot tubs because they are better insulated and usually have covers.
  • Ask your pool contractor for tips and advice on how to save money on hot tub operating costs.

Don’t forgo the relaxing benefits of your family hot tub because of concerns on the cost. Your pool contractor is your best resource for energy saving ideas for both the hot tub and your swimming pool.