Beautify Your Backyard Living Space

You love your swimming pool, but what can you do to add to the beauty and appeal of the backyard and space that surrounds the swimming pool. We’ve found that many of our customers are trying to think “outside of the box” with both pool design and backyard decorating concepts.

The swimming pool is more than a way to swim a few laps or take a quick dip on a hot day. The family swimming pool is an oasis where pool owners spend their weekends and is even a staycation spot. If you want to amp up the appeal of your backyard, here are some ways in which you can do just that.

Beautify Your Backyard Living Space

The deck

The swimming pool deck is more than functional. It is a place in which to relax and dip your toes into the water. Depending on its size you can put your lounge chairs there and watch what’s happening in the pool. Your deck can add to the beauty of the pool itself.

Pool designwoman relaxing poolside

Even if you opt for a traditional rectangle or kidney-shaped pool, you can add accessories or water features to the design to make it stunningly unique. If your budget allows, look for a custom-designed pool that provides sweeping curves and hugs your existing landscaping to help it fit in to the landscape, rather than stand out.


 Enhance pool time with the addition of a swim-up spa or other type of hot tub or spa structure in or next to your swimming pool. A hot tub or spa will allow you to have access to warm water and therapeutic jets year round.

Waterfall or fountain

The sound of a waterfall or fountain when you’re relaxing poolside is an ideal way to unwind after a long day at the office. Waterfalls are soothing and are also fun for the family to swim under.

A pool gazebo or cabana

If you have the space in your yard, consider adding a gazebo or cabana. These outdoor structures will keep the sun off of you and are ideal places to simply kick back and relax. A cabana or gazebo is a place where your friends can gather after the sun goes down after having spent a fun day in the pool.

Flowers, trees and shrubbery

Don’t forget the beauty of flowers and plants around the pool and backyard living space as a way to add beauty to your pool. Remember, though some plants will be “magnets” for bees and you will want to be careful when you plant them. Look for flowers that will bring butterflies or hummingbirds to your outdoor living space. Potted plants or trees are ideal for decorating as they allow you the option to move them around, rearrange them and change the look of the backyard. Potted trees will also protect your pool from the potential of “creeping roots” that could damage the pool and its plumbing.

When you’re making decisions on the design of your backyard living space, ask your pool contractor to provide a bird’s-eye view so you can see how it will all fit together once the projects are completed.