We all know that splashing around in the pool is one of the best parts of being in a swimming pool. There are times, though, when you just want to relax and float around on the water with your friends and family.

Best pool floating devices

Whether you’re looking for a floating device for safety for your children or if you want a floating device that allows you to enjoy being on the water while perhaps enjoying an adult beverage and reading a book we have some ideas for you and your family.

There are floating devices that look like sea turtles, dragons, Disney characters, cars, brightly colored lips and the standard vinyl raft with the tiny head rest. You can even indulge your sweet tooth with a gigantic floating donut!

You can get floating devices that are equipped wtih back support, arm rests, areas in which you can stash your beverage or even your sun block — something you need to reapply frequently when you’re on the water.

swimming pool raft kids Floating devices also include life vests for children and adults. Remember, that the “floaties” that are inflatable and slip up and over your children’s arms are not safe to use as a lifesaving device. If your child cannot swim, he or she should wear a life vest to keep them safe in the water.

If you want to relax in the pool, but still be active, grab a kickboard and float around on that while you work your leg muscles and propel yourself through the pool water.

There are also floating devices you can invest in that float on the surface of the water and hold candles for nighttime beauty, onto which you can place snacks or drinks — be certain there isn’t too much splashing or you’ll have soggy potato chips!

Even babies and toddlers can enjoy a float around the swimming pool in rafts made just for them that are equipped with sunshields and other baby friendly amenities.

It doesn’t matter what kind of floating device you have for your swimming pool, you just know they add to the fun you and your family have when you’re in the pool — whether relaxing or making your way around the pool playing a game of “chicken” with other family members on their rafts or floating devices.

Pool noodles

Let’s not forget the pool toy that is found in almost every pool — the pool noodle! These fun, colorful pool floating toys come in various sizes, thicknesses and colors. Make sure you have a lot of these fun toys poolside as they are always a hit with everyone — young and old alike!

Everybody into the pool!