Want to have some fun this Thanksgiving? Either before or after the Thanksgiving meal, you can have a treasure hunt for the children while the adults kick back, drink wine, coffee or tea and plan the Black Friday shopping excursion. Keep the kids busy by hiding items and sending them on a treasure hunt. You could hide coins, candy, small toys, even useful gifts like socks, mittens or other items that the kids can have fun with.

Grab your scissors and a stack of the local newspapers with their holiday shopping pages and start planning your shopping. For many families, the day after Thanksgiving is a tradition of planning shopping excursions, cutting coupons, writing out the shopping list for friends and family and planning at which stores to meet and braving the holiday shopping crowds.

black friday shopping

Black Friday Around The Swimming Pool

Gather coupons, notebooks, pens, scissors and get the planning started. If you “divide and conquer” your shopping list you can not only extend the fun times you have with friends and family, but you will definitely make this year’s shopping trip a lot more fun. If you’re out by yourself waiting in lines it is not much fun, but if you pack up some snacks, a thermos of coffee, tea or hot cocoa and your friends, the time will fly by and you just might be able to score the item that is on your family’s wish list.

If you’ve never braved the Black Friday crowds, why not make it the beginning of a new tradition. If you love shopping, then you must know that the day after Thanksgiving is THE day to shop and score potentially the best deals of the holiday season. Of course, you can stay home and do your shopping online for Cyber Monday, but why would you do that when you can extend Thanksgiving by spending time with friends and family ticking items off of your holiday shopping list?