Do you believe that there is no meal better than one cooked on the flames of a grill? If so, you’re not alone. In the past, many outdoor chefs would bemoan the fact that they had to pack up the grill and resort to cooking indoors once the cold weather settles in. Whether you’re an intrepid outdoors person who can’t abide the fact that you have to cook your meals indoros or if you’re ready to bundle up and brave the weather or if you’re fortunate enough to live in an area of the country where grilling is something you can do year-round, stay with us for some ideas of how you can grill up delicious fare for your Christmas, New Year’s and other holiday meals for your family and your guests.

Another benefit of cooking on the backyard grill is that you don’t have to heat up the kitchen to cook the meals and you also free up oven and stovetop space for all of the delicious side dishes you will want to share.

Holiday Dinner On The Backyard Grill

We found some delicious recipes on various sites and here are a few you can try and share with your friends and family

  1. Grill a prime rib, potatoes, mushrooms and onions on the grill. Serve with grilled garlic bread and a side salad. Yum!
  2. Fire up the smoker and cook up a honey-glazed, pineapple topped ham.
  3. Use the rotiserrie accessory for your grill and grill a turkey, chickens or cornish game hens. Stuff the cavities with lemon, orange, cloves, an apple or other fruits to give the meat a unique flavor and keep the meat moist and delicious.
  4. Break out the recipe book and grill up mint crusted leg of lamb or a rack of herb-crusted lamb.
  5. Grilled lobster tails and rib eye steaks with garlic butter will have your friends and family clamoring for more.
  6. Beef or pork ribs are delicious any time of year and in the winter months they will have you thinking about summer.
  7. Look for veggies that you can grill along side the meats. Drizzle veggies with maple syrup for a delicious carmelized holiday flair to your side dishes.

Don’t put the grill away just yet. The most delicious time of the year lies ahead!