It’s winter, there’s no need to think about your swimming pool, right? Your pool contractor closed it up for you. It’s covered, the equipment has been removed, it will be all right until spring without your giving it a thought. Hhhmmm maybe not so much!

Even if you’re in the deep freeze — in fact, especially if you’re in the deep freeze you want to make the trek from the house to the backyard and check on the swimming pool. Grab the shovel, put on your boots and check on your swimming pool. We know you don’t typically think of your pool once it’s closed, but you should.

Dont Forget About Your Swimming Pool In The Winter

It's Not Too Early To Think Spring And Pool Opening!But, if you look out the window and notice that your back yard is drifted over with snow or ice and you can hardly even see the swimming pool, guess what? You’re going to have to put on your boots, winter hat, coat and grab a shovel and make your way to the pool. It’s time for some winter pool care — even if it’s just to take a peep to make certain the cover is on and that everything is still looking good.

Who knew — especially for first time pool owners — that pool ownership was a year-round responsibility?

What do you need to do to care for your swimming pool after it’s been closed for the season? There isn’t too much, it’s more about checking it to assure everything is a-ok and that the cover is still firmly in place. Periodic inspections, or walk-arounds, during the off-season is crucial to protect the pool from snow and ice build-up which can damage the pool, the cover and the equipment.

Snow, ice and standing water are the enemy! If snow and ice build up on the cover it will have the potential to pull the cover right off its moorings and cause it to sink into the pool. This could damage the cover and the pool itself.

If the cover falls into the pool it will bring in all of the snow, ice and dirt and debris that have gathered on the surface.

When there is a warm up and the ice and snow have melted, grab a cover pump and get the water off. If you’re motivated after a snow call, grab a soft brush and brush snow off the cover so it doesn’t melt and weigh it down.

Whatever you do, resist the urge to pull ice from the cover because if you drop it, the sharp edges will cut the cover. Also, if it’s frozen to the cover, it will damage it.

Dont Forget About Your Swimming Pool In The WinterChecking after a storm. If a storm has blown through and had brought howling winds rain and/or snow, check the cover to assure it’s still firmly in place. Remove any large pieces of debris from the cover.

Cover check. Check it at least once a week to assure that it’s firmly in place.

Tree check. This checking of the trees that surround your pool should be done annually, but even more so in the winter if the snow is weighing down the branches. If snow weighs down the branches a broken branch can damage the pool. Your swimming pool cover will protect the pool from small twigs, but large, snow laden branches are no match for it.

Equipment check. If there is a drift of snow or ice on any equipment, carefully remove it. Taking the weight of the snow off equipment will protect it from damage. If the pump or filter or other equipment were covered for the season, make sure they’re still covered and that no rodents or other varmints have taken up housekeeping under the covers — they could chew and damage the quipment.

What are you doing right now? Go out and check your pool!