Easy Swimming Pool Tricks To Impress

If you have mad swimming skills or even if you’re semi comfortable in the water here are some easy swimming pool tricks you can perform, and you can perform with your children that will impress your guests! You could even turn any one of these tricks into a pool competition!

Diving. One caveat is that you should never dive into a pool full of people — it’s too dangerous. If the pool isn’t full and you want to show how to dive you need to practice. To dive into the water with barely a splash takes practice and might even cost you a few belly flops in the process!

To get your dive just right, jump up a little, bend your body and aim your head into the water. Your body should (hopefully) follow your head in a straight line into the water. Keep your hands above your head at all times. You will know you’ve got diving mastered when you cleanly break the surface of the water and you don’t do a belly flop.

Underwater somersault. Chances are you have seen people do underwater somersaults and thought they were pretty cool, right? They are pretty easy and are great for those who swim laps. Practice in the shallow end of the pool. Bend at the waist, push yourself forward using your arms and legs to help you spin in a tight circle. Imagine you’re rolling down a hill when you’re mastering the somersault.

swimming for beginnersLap swimmers use somersaults to flip at the end of a lap.

Underwater handstand. You’ve seen synchronized swimmers do group handstands and might have thought, “I want to learn to do that!” You can!

Practice in water that isn’t over your head. Push your body toward the bottom of the pool, placing your palms flat on the pool floor. Push your body until it’s straight and until your feet are sticking out of the water and viola!

Okay, it’s not a trick but it’s fun — the cannonball! The best part of a cannonball is the big splash you make and how wet everyone who is poolside gets! You’re the big winner in mastering that trick, that’s for sure!

To “practice” the cannonball you need to jump into the water, while tucking your knees to your stomach, wrapping your arms around your legs and yelling, “Watch out!” Or maybe you don’t want to give a warning — your call!

What is your favorite swimming pool trick?