Since when did Black “Friday” start on a Thursday? We get it. Retailers want to make money and the holiday season is when they typically go into the “black” on their balance sheets. Retailers rely on shoppers buying Christmas gifts and run deep discounts to lure them into their stores.

In the past, Black Friday used to begin on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Many of our moms and dads would grab the holiday newspaper, delve into the ads and be in line at the various stores at about 6 am on the Friday after Thanksgiving. In recent years, though, stores are opening on Thanksgiving day — at 6 pm or earlier — times traditionally set aside for families to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal and each other’s company before the frenzy of the holiday season kicks in.

This year, there are many retailers who have decided not to open on Thanksgiving day. There has been backlash in recent years about stores that open on Thanksgiving day. Other retailers, however, will remain open because they know they will make sales and that means money in their retail coffers.

If you want to have a new Black Friday tradition with your family you can decide not to shop on Thursday — no matter how great the sales. You may want to avoid the crowds of strangers and stay close to home with your loved ones.

Enjoy A New 'Black Friday' Family Tradition

What can you do to keep the family Thanksgiving fun going?

  1. Plan a treasure hunt for the kids. Hide Thanksgiving-themed items, give them a treasure map and set them loose!
  2. Kick back with your loved ones and enjoy some coffee, or wine, or both!
  3. Set up a craft table and whomever wants to can make a Christmas craft.
  4. Don’t forget, Thanksgiving day is a HUGE day for sports fans. Set up a couple of televisions and let the football fans in the family enjoy the game.
  5. Grab the newspapers, paper and pen and plan your Black Friday shopping trip with your family and friends. Make your shopping game plan and decide how early you want to get up to stand in line for the deep discount sales prices!
  6. If the pool or hot tub are open, tell your guests to bring their suits and you will provide the heated towels!

Enjoy A New ‘Black Friday’ Family Tradition

For those who have never been shopping on Black Friday it may be a tradition you want to start — or at least try once to say you’ve done it! Anyone who loves shopping knows that Black Friday is the best day of the year to score deep discounts on items on your holiday shopping list.

Don’t forget, though, Cyber Monday is also a great time to score great prices on gifts — without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Regardless of how you spend the day (and your money!) why not start some new traditions with your family to make the most of the time together on Thanksgiving day. While others are shopping you can all be gathered together enjoying dinner and desserts!