Do you love trivia? Do you love your swimming pool and spending time in and around the pool with your friends and family? If you said “yes” to all of these, then you may want to entertain friends with these swimming pool fun facts!

swimming pool triviaDid you know:

  1. The biggest backyard pool in the United States is in Texas? It’s true! This pool takes up three acres and is filled with 600,000 gallons of water! It has six waterfalls, a lazy river and a twenty foot slide! How much did it cost the owner to build? A mere $5 million!
  2. Did you know the water in your pool isn’t much different from the water that comes out of the taps in your house? They both have added chemicals and the water that comes out of the tap in your sink has even more chlorine than the pool water does! Pool water, because of the chemicals, is sanitary, but we don’t recommend you drink it!
  3. When it comes to types of pools, there are more vinyl liner pools than concrete or fiberglass models. Of the close to eight million pools about one third of them are vinyl liner. If you have a vinyl liner pool, you are in good company!
  4.  The White House became home to a swimming pool when President Gerald Ford was in office. When he left his home in Virginia he missed having access to it and constructed an outdoor, inground pool on the White House lawn. The pool is accessible only to the First Family through an underground tunnel.
  5. The first pool to appear on an ocean liner was on the Titanic!
  6. Close to 100% of all pool owners clean their pools with chlorine. Saltwater pool cleaning systems are gaining in popularity, but traditional chlorine remains the most popular.
  7. Want to lose some weight? Swimming burns more calories than almost any other kind of exercise AND it won’t hurt your hips or knees! Swimming also targets most of your muscle groups — it’s a win all around!

Have fun with this swimming pool trivia at your next swimming pool party!