Your dad works hard all year and he deserves a day of fun in the sun, doesn’t he? Of course he does! We have tips to make Father’s Day fun for your dad whether you’re spending time in the pool, around the pool or beyond the pool itself. What can you do to make dad’s special day… well, special? Take these ideas and use them for the official Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18 or whenever you feel that your dad just needs a treat!

Fun Ideas For Father’s Day In The Pool, Around The Pool And Beyond!

Rafting and relaxingdad relaxing in pool

What would dad like most today? He just might want to kick back and relax in the swimming pool, cool drink at hand, his favorite music in the background and the ability to not have to mow the lawn, skim the pool or even grill up the burgers! We’ll bet your dad would love a raft he can use exclusively for himself.

Offer to blow up the raft for him if it needs it. Once he’s settled in, offer to bring him his favorite beverage and even his favorite book if he wants to just float around and relax. We’re sure dad won’t want you to avoid the pool, but let the guy chill for a while!

Horsing around 

We’ll bet your dad loves to play in the pool. If that’s the case with your dad, ask if he wants to play with pool noodles — you could have a jousting match. How about a game of H.O.R.S.E with the in-pool basketball net and inflatable ball? Are you better at shooting hoops than your dear old dad? If so, let him win a match!

Volleyball is fun for the whole family 

Gather the entire family and start a game of in-pool volleyball. It’s fun to frolic together and we’ll bet dad will be happy for the time spent together building memories with his family!


Does your dad have a favorite watering hole for catching fish? If so, offer to join him and chip in for the bait, snacks and beverages for the day. You could make a fishing trip an event for the entire family and cap it off with a picnic lunch or dinner. See who catches the biggest fish and don’t forget to take photos!

Rock climbing 

Is your dad the outdoorsy type? If so, set up a visit to a local rock climbing wall. It can be an event the entire family partakes in or your dad can go with a group of his buddies and enjoy a day of male bonding and rock climbing.

Beer tasting tourbeer tasting father's day

This “adults only” fun might be something dad has been wanting to try. Many breweries have “tastings” and offer beer flights so you and your friends can sample various types of craft beers. Don’t forget to choose a designated driver before you set out on your beer tasting tour. Let day enjoy the day without having to worry about getting behind the wheel. Hey, Uber, anyone?!

Golf outing 

Gift your dad with a certificate to his favorite golf course — don’t forget the golf cart! You can either set up a tee time for him or let him gather some friends and set up his own tee time. If you want to help dad make a day of it, spring for 18 holes and then dinner or lunch at the clubhouse. There’s nothing like a day of chasing a ball around the greens to relax a person!

Take him out to the ballgame 

If dad loves sports, plan a day at the local ball park. It’s a great way to bond over a relaxing day of baseball.

Camping fun

Since Father’s Day is on a Sunday and if your dad has Saturday off, why not plan a family camping trip to a local state park? Camping is a great way for the family to bond and if your dad loves camping and hasn’t been able to go in a while, this is a great opportunity to help him indulge in a weekend away. Make sure dad doesn’t have to be the one doing all of the grilling on your trip — well, unless it’s something he loves. Father’s Day should be a time for dad to kick back and relax!

Kitchen time

If your dad loves being in the kitchen sign him up for a cooking class to help him hone his chef skills. Invest in a great knife set and gift him with that to use to further hone his culinary skills.

Rock concerts

Does dad love music? Are there any concerts coming up that he has been wanting to see? Grab a couple of tickets and give them to him for Father’s Day this year.

Bocce or croquet anyone? bocce ball father's day

Backyard fun is as great as heading out for a fun Father’s Day activity. When is the last time you’ve played bocce ball or croquet? These games were popular when your dad was a kid — we’re betting, anyway. If you don’t have a bocce set or croquet set, invest in one. It will be a great accompaniment to the outdoor fun you and your dad will have together. Outdoor games add to the fun you have in your swimming pool!

You know your dad best. Plan a day that he will long remember, document it with photos and you can look back in the years ahead and remember the fun you had spending time together in, and around the family swimming pool. Hey, remember, many of these activities can be enjoyed by the entire family and they don’t have to be relegated to only one day a year! Keep this list handy and consider making every weekend you spend with dad a fun, memorable one!