Fun Under The Summer Sun: Fun For All Pool Games 

Relaxing in the swimming pool is fun, but there will come a time when you will want to get off the raft and have fun with the kids whether you’re having a pool party or whether it’s just the family.

What can you and your family do to have fun in the pool?

All-time favorite pool games! 

CANNONBALL! The ever popular cannonball contest! Sure, doing cannonballs into the pool means a lot of water will splash out, but they are fun! Challenge everyone to a cannonball contest and the winner is the one who makes the biggest splash!

MERMAIDS IN THE POOL! A mermaid race. Hold your breath and see who can swim the farthest underwater! If you have swim flippers, use those and swim like a mermaid to add to the fun!

BET YOU CAN’T FIND IT! Hide the bottle. Fill an empty clear two liter plastic bottle with water. fun in the pool Get all of the players in the pool with their backs to the water, drop the bottle in, have the players turn around and try to find the bottle. It will be harder to find the bottle than you think as it turns almost “invisible” when it sinks.

WE LOVE POOL NOODLES! Pool noodle jousting. Pool noodles are just plain fun, but get even more so when
you challenge your fellow swimmers to a noodle joust. Each jouster will get onto an inflatable raft and try to knock one another off using the pool noodles.

AN ALL-TIME FAVORITE! Marco Polo. Chances are you remember this from your childhood. One person is deemed “it” and the rest of the participants respond “Polo” when the person who’s it shouts “Marco.” A new person becomes it when he or she touches one of the other players.

THIS IS A WATER GAME? Ping pong ball catch. Number some ping pong balls, toss them into the water and whoever captures the most – and the
highest number value is the winner. It’s harder to catch them when they’re floating than you may imagine!

BURIED TREASURE! Treasure hunt. You can toss coins or other items that will sink into the pool and have everyone hunt for them. Make sure you keep track of how many items are getting tossed in. You don’t want to leave them in the pool once you’re done swimming.

TAKE IT OFF THE COURTS! Basketball or volleyball. Look for in-pool specific items, choose teams and play a game of volleyball or basketball.

COLORFUL FUN! Grab some balloons, tie strings to the end if you’d like for ease in carrying them. Toss them onto the pool and set the kids loose to round up the balloons. It’s not as easy to capture floating, wet balloons as you might think! The one who gets the most balloons is the winner!

ARCADE FAVORITE! In-pool whack-a-mole. To play this game, the person who is “it” has a pool noodle or a soft ball. The players go under water and when they pop out, the person who’s “it” tries to hit them on the head with the ball or noodle. After he or she has picked them all off, it’s time to trade places and start the game over.

Ask your swimming pool contractor for ideas on other fun swimming pool games and what in-pool items he may sell that you can invest in to add even more fun to the family pool!