You and your family can certainly have fun in the swimming pool by floating around on rafts or swimming laps. Wouldn’t you rather have a more exciting time? Fun in the pool that will have everyone clamoring to get into the swimming pool as soon as they can each and every day? Of course you would!

We have come up with some games that we think you and your family will absolutely love. We would also love ot know if you have any others that we’ve forgotten!

Fun Swimming Pool Games For The Whole Family

What To Buy For The Pool Owner On Your Holiday Gift ListHula Hoop “Obstacle” Course.

Grab a few hula hoops — at least three. Depending on how many people are in the pool for this game, divide the hula hoops up and stand in a zigzag line with the hula hoops half submerged in the water and half out. At the shout of “go!” the players will jump into the pool and swim through the hoops. It’s not as easy as it seems, but it is fun! Take turns holding the hoops and swimming through. If you have enough people and enough hoops, you can have a relay race to see whose team can swim through all of the hoops first.

Inner Tube Races

This game works best if you have a long swimming pool. The players get into blow up inner tubes and at the “go!” signal the players paddle or kick their way to the opposite end of the pool and back. First one to go back and forth wins.

Scavenger Hunt

Find pool-friendly hard plastic toys — as long as they will sink, not float. Toss them into the pool then set the players loose. The first one to find the most toys is the winner. Make sure you keep track of how many toys you tossed in so that all of the toys get taken out. If you have a vinyl liner swimming pool, this game may be risky because if someone steps on one of the hard toys it could puncture the liner.

Marco Polo

This is an old favorite and for good reason. It’s fun! One player stands in the middle of the pool or the middle of the players and closes his or her eyes. He or she yells, “Marco” the other players yell “Polo” and the person yelling Marco needs to touch one of the Polos in order to get out of the role of Marco.

Fun Swimming Pool Games For The Whole FamilyFind The Bottle

Fill a clear plastic two liter bottle with swimming pool water, put on the cap (make sure the cap is white). Divide the players into two teams. Have them turn their backs and toss the bottle into the pool. Then set the players loose. The first team to find the water bottle wins. This is harder than it sounds!

Ping Pong Ball or Rubber Duck Races

Grab some colored ping pong balls or colored rubber ducks and toss them into the pool. Each player grabs one of the balls or ducks and at the shout of “go!” the player tries to get his or her ball or duck down to the end of the pool without touching the ball or duck. You can only move the duck or ball by moving the water around it. This, too, is harder than it sounds!

Pool Volleyball

Grab a blow up beach ball, set up a net, divide the teams and have a rousing game of beach pool volleyball.

Once the fun and games are over, gather the family around the picnic table and have a good old fashioned poolside dinner. Once sun goes down, roast up some marshmallows. You may even want to consider showing a movie under the stars or even camping out in the backyard. What a great way to have fun, family time together.