Everyone can agree that swimming is a great way to get, and stay, in shape, right? What if you don’t have the money or more importantly, the yard space, to devote to a traditional swimming pool? Does that mean you can’t get in shape, and stay in shape, in a hot tub? Are you doomed to remain out of shape because you don’t have a pool?

Not at all! You CAN get fit in your hot tub!

There are some benefits you may not have considered about getting fit in a hot tub. Here are a few.

  1. The heated water increases blood flow and helps release toxins
  2. Simple movement is better and easier because of the release of toxins
  3. The heated water makes you more limber
  4. The bubbling, heated, jetted water enhances your workout
  5. A hot tub exercise routine is effective and efficient

 hot tub funGet Fit In Your Hot Tub

Here are seven easy hot tub exercises

Work your core muscles. From a seated position, grip the wall with both hands, face toward the center of the hot tub. Bring both knees to your chest. Extend legs together. Keep back straight. Do ten reps for a great ab workout.

Shoulder rolls. Stand in the center of the hot tub. Do light shoulder rolls — forward then backward. Sit in the water, continue the shoulder rolls. This improvs mobility and boosts circulation.

Clap. Sounds odd, but clapping your hands underwater uses the resistance from the water to work your shoulder and arm muscles. Do small claps. Extend your arms and do large claps. This works arms, biceps and shoulder muscles.

Kick. From a seated position, and holding onto the sides of the hot tub, rotate your legs and feet in circles — right then left. Then kick as if you’re riding a bicycle. The resistance of the water makes this a great workout.

Crossed arms. You can either sit or stand for this one, but your shoulders need to be under the water. Extend your arms, keep your palms facing down. Move arms from your sides up to shoulder height — without bending them. Before you lower them, cross them in front of your chest before going back to the starting position.

Heel raises. Stand, or squat, in the hot tub. Raise yourself from your heels to the tips of your toes. Do at least ten times. This will slim and tone your calves.

The twist. You can either sit or stand, as long as your shoulders are under water. Cross your arms over your chest. Contract your stomach muscles. Twist slowly from left to right then right to left. Inhale as you return to the starting position, exhale as you twist. Keep shoulders relaxed and focus on your hips.

These exercises are great for beginners. If you need to amp it up, add more reps while you’re in the hot tub to help you get in better shape!