What does mom really want for Mother’s Day? That one day set aside to honor her and to let her kick back and relax? We’ll bet she doesn’t want to have to clean the house, cook and clean up for a houseful of guests. Breakfast in bed may sound like a good idea, but what if Mom wants to sleep in? Also, who’s going to clean up the mess that was made in the kitchen?

On Mother’s Day 2018 (Sunday, May 13) instead of joining the crowds at a local restaurant or making home clean up before and after the party, why not host a backyard pool party that she doesn’t have to lift a fnger for? It is possible, but will require some advance planning — oh yeah and a take out menu from her favorite spot! After all, spending a day in a restaurant, surrounded by other moms and families won’t lend itself to good conversations and just kicking back and relaxing for mom.

Get Ready For Mother’s Day In The Swimming Pool!

It might be the easiest and “safest” thing to take Mom and the kiddos out to a restaurant, but you and the kids — depending on their ages — can pull together a great backyard and swimming pool party for mom, grandma, aunts and others.

peach teaWe can all agree Moms deserve the best, right?

We think that brunch is the best meal of any weekend day and when you plan a brunch, mom can sleep in if she wants. Brunch gives the family time alone before the party starts and most guests will be gone before dinner time and then you and your immediate family can have the rest of the day to spend poolside, swimming together or maybe lounging on the deck playing board games or lying back and watching the stars after night fall.

Why Brunch for Mother’s Day?

Brunch is ideal because it’s not your usual meal time and that makes it even more of a treat.

Whether you’re a new dad or a long-term dad or a husband who is living the empty nest lifestyle with your beloved bride here is a gued for the perfect Mother’s Day brunch.

Here is how to plan a brunch she will long remember — whether you take on all of the cooking yourself or if you enlist the other men in your family to lend a hand, bring a dish to pass (that their wife didn’t cook) or if you simply order out and set a beautiful picnic in the backyard.

Setting Up the Mother’s Day Brunch

Build the excitement

Let Mom know that you have everything under control for a Mother’s Day brunch. If she starts to fret about the house not being clean, offer to hire a cleaning service or enlist the kids to clean up.

Decide on a theme for the party. What is Mom’s favorite thing? Her favorite color? Where is her favorite vacation spot? Chose one of her favorites and let the decorating flow from that. If, for example, she loves Kansas City and the family vacation you took there, decorate the backyard in Kansas themed or colored decorations and order in a complete barbecue meal.

If she loves roses and has been wanting to replant the flowers around the house. Decorate with potted flowers that can be later used to landscape — extend the Mother’s Day gift by offering to help with the planting.

If Mom can’t stop talking about the last beach vacation you took. Use that to set the mood and the theme for the party. Fill kiddy wading pools with sand, get some seashells and other decorations from a craft store and use them as place settings. Hang some fishing net or other nautical themed items. Put up beach umbrellas and make sure you have a way to make her favorite beach-centric drink as she relaxes with her toes in the sand!

 The easiest way to create a theme that

 matches your mom or wife’s style.

  1. What kind of woman is she?
  2. Is she the type who is fun-loving and very much into the retro scene?
  3. Is she the laid-back type that loves flowers and pastels?
  4. Maybe she’s the type who really enjoys fancy and formal affairs?

Once you know her preferred

style, it’s going to be easy to think about the decorations.

Send invitations 

It’s important to get invitations out as early as possible. If it’s going to be just your own immediate family who will be there for Mother’s Day, why not send Mom herself an invitation. Let her know you plan to pamper her and let her know when she should arrive at her party! You might also let her know what the theme is so she can dress accordingly!

If you’re inviting other guests, you can use technology to email them a card or you can work with your children to craft unique invitations and drop them in the mail. Make sure you let them know what the theme in.


Don’t forget to reach out to the men in the family and ask for help coordinating the meal — their wives will be the beneficiary of the brunch as well so they should be happy to pitch in!

Create a food plan

In addition to planning the menus — don’t forget meats, sides, desserts, drinks and appetizers that your Mom or wife loves.

Look at the layout of the backyard and where you will place the tables. Make sure there is a natural flow for the foods. In other words, don’t have your guests start out at the dessert table, then the meat, then have to go to another place for the silverware or napkins then move to a separate area for the sides. If you’re having chips, and cut up veggies, make sure the dips are close by so the guests know they’re available. Believe me, if Mom was setting this up, she’d know what to do — but don’t ask her!

If necessary, draw out a floor plan, and write down what foods will be contributed then set up the tables in a natural flow to the meal presentation and to the filling of the plates.

Don’t forget to have an area for guests to sit and put their plates and a place to hang out and talk.

Decorate the brunch tables

Remember, even if you’re ordering in a meal from Mom’s favorite restaurant, there is no reason to skimp on the decorations and the atmosphere. The theme you’ve chosen for the brunch will help you decide how to decorate (see above!).

Don’t forget to pick up a table cloth or two to cover the outdoor tables. You may want to get some hot plates or placemats upon which to put the hot dishes. Sprinkle table decorations that match the theme throughout the buffet tables and the tables where your guests and Mom will be enjoying the food.

Make it easy on yourselves and use throw-away plates, utensils and cups. Unless you are going to wash all of the dishes and take care of them, don’t leave the clean up for mom. Today is a special occasion and your mom will appreciate not having to worry about clean up. Leave the fine china and best silverware and glassware for the other holidays!

 Brunch food prep 

We’re imagining that you’re going to order out, but if you have a speciality that mom loves and you can grill it up, then fire up the grill and go for it!

Grill up her favorite meat and grill up some fruits that you’ve drizzled with honey and add a scoop of ice cream to add to the dessert. Either make or purchase her favorite sides.

If you’re going to grill up brunch, make sure it’s her favorites. Now is not the time to experiment with new and different foods, especially if mom is a traditionalist! Save the experimentation for Father’s Day!