Are you a yoga practitioner? Do you love to practice out-of-doors? Do you wake up in the morning, grab your yoga mat and take yourself out to the pool and start your day with poolside yoga? If you are ready for relaxation there is no better combination than the pool or poolside and yoga.

Yoga helps calm your thoughts and clears the mind. Yoga offers stretching, relaxation and a heck of a good workout — yes, it truly does! Water yoga is another way to get into a yoga practice and for many who are just beginning to practice yoga, in-water yoga might be the best way to start this practice and reap the benefits of a total body workout.

Get Ready For Relaxation With Poolside Yoga

Water and its natural buoyancy is prized for a way to get in shape without fear of stress or strain. When you’re working out on land or jogging, you’re putting stress on yourself because of gravity — pool exercises are the opposite. BUT keep in mind that when you’re in the water you have the resistance of the water helping you get a better workout.

What are some in-pool yoga poses you can practice?

Okay let’s face it, a downward dog isn’t going to be a yoga pose that makes much sense, right? Well, unless you can hold your breath for a long time!

Here are a few of our favorite yoga poses that work just as well in the water as they do on land.

Warrior II

Warrior II is a classic pose and one that is much easier to hold when you’re in the water because the water helps hold you steady.

How to do Warrior II?

Get Ready For Relaxation With Poolside Yoga
  • Stand with your feet, hip-distance apart
  • Turn your right foot out so it’s facing forward
  • Lift your arms out of the water so they are perpendicular to your body
  • Keep your arms shoulder height
  • Now lean toward your right, bend your right knee (make sure it doesn’t bend beyond your toes)
  • Sink your hips into the water; try to get your right thigh parallel to the floor of the pool
  • Engage your core
  • Breathe slowly through the pose

This classic pose is easier in the water.

Hold the pose. FEel the water flowing around your body. Feel the silkiness of the water and relax into the pose.

Boat Pose

Pool noodles will help with this pose. Place the noodles lengthwise alongside your body. Stretch your legs out.

Push the noodles under water. Engage your core and lift your legs while your arms continue to push down on the pool noodles. Your goal is to get into a “v” pose, if possible. The water will support your legs. Your core will help keep your upper body steady.

This is not a simple pose as you may find yourself tilting forward or backward into and under the water. Lean against the side of the pool when you’re first starting out.

Hand to toe pose

To do this pose:

  • Stand by the side of the pool and use the side to stabilize yourself
  • Lift your outer leg up
  • Bend your knee toward your chest
  • Grab your big toe and straighten your leg as much as you can
  • After you feel steady enough, rotate your leg out as far as you can
  • Stop if you begin to feel discomfort or pain.
  • Switch sides and do the same with your other leg

Floating Savasana

At the end of your yoga session you will want to do a savasana — the resting pose. Savasana returns your mind and body to the present and works as a relaxing way to ease yourself out of your session and back into life.

To practice Savasana, lie back and float in the water. Use a pool noodle to help you stay afloat if necessary.

Lie in the water and float with your eyes closed until you are relaxed.

Water for relaxation

Water has natural calming abilities. It is a great way to start a day and an ideal way to relax after a day at work or before bedtime.

Practicing yoga in a swimming pool as a way to start your day gets you off on the right foot. You will be starting your day with a healthful workout and face the day with vigor and calmness of mind, body and spirit.

Yoga can be accessible for everyone

Aqua yoga can be practiced by anyone — no matter if you’re out of shape or have arthritis or other joint or muscle injury or aches. When you practice yoga in the water your body will be in healing mode while you perform your workout. A yoga workout in the pool doesn’t even seem like a workout at all.

If you’ve always wanted to do yoga but never have, get into the swimming pool and try a yoga routine there. You are guaranteed to love it!