Is it possible to be a swimming pool owner without breaking the bank or the family budget? In fact, it is possible! There are many steps a new pool owner can take in the construction phase and that a current pool owner can take and changes that can be made to operate your pool more economically. You can have fun in the pool & save money. Ask your pool contractor how!

Swimming pools come with the cost of construction, the cost for ongoing upkeep and maintenance and increases to utility bills. It can quickly add up. When you work with an experienced swimming pool contractor, though he can help you understand the costs and help you determine what you can afford in your family pool to stick to the budget you’ve set up.

We’ve come up with ways in which you can save money and still have the swimming pool of your dreams!

Have Fun In The Pool & Save Money!

Budget matters. Don’t let yourself be talked into more pool than you can afford to pay back or keep clean. If you know either what you can afford for a monthly bill for your pool or the total amount you want to spend on the pool itself, work with a pool contractor who appreciates your budget and adheres to it. As a caveat though if your pool contractor recommends higher-priced, more energy-efficient equipment you may be better served to accept that advice as you will save money in the long term.

Ask for referrals. If you know a friend or family member who had a pool installed or who has contracted with a service provider ask them if that pool contractor offers referral discounts. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out many do.

Above ground pools are less expensive. Not everyone wants an above ground swimming pool, but if you want a pool and can’t afford an inground pool, talk with your pool contractor about the advantages and disadvantages of an above ground pool. They are more reasonably priced and work for those on a tight budget.

Size and features matter. If you’re looking to get a pool on a budget, keep the design simple and the features and accessories at a minimum. You can always add features later if your budget allows. Keep in mind, though if at some point you want a diving board or slide you will need to plan the pool size to accommodate that during the initial phases. A pool heater may be nice to have, but it’s costly to install and operate. To save money, opt for a solar pool cover until your budget allows for the heater.

Location matters. If your pool is constructed next to your home you will save money on pool construction costs because you won’t have to run electricity or plumbing as far.

Is Your Swimming Pool Water Clean Enough?Warranty matters. Shop for a pool and equipment with the best, longest and most comprehensive warranty. If something breaks you will likely be covered. Read the fine print and ask what’s not included or covered as much as what is included or covered.

Cleaning matters. Will you clean the pool on your own? It certainly can be a DIY project, but many pool owners find it costs them less to hire a professional. Also, when you work with a pool pro, you won’t have to buy and store all of the chemicals. Automatic cleaners are ideal, but a manual pool cleaner will save money, but it won’t save you time — you need to weigh which is more important.

Lighting matters. Opt for LED pool lighting. These lights burn at a lower heat, look great at night and save money because they are so long-lasting.

Timing matters. Run your pool pump and filter at night because there is less of a draw on the power grid and the costs of utilities are less during the overnight.

Talk with your pool contractor so you are on the same page with your budget, your hopes and dreams for pool and what you truly need to have your pool be what you want. Also, let your pool contractor know what items you may want at a later date and design the pool with the idea in mind that you will add those eventually.