If you’re willing to brave the weather long enough to dash from the warmth of the house to the hot tub in the backyard, when we say you should spend some holidays in the hot tub. Why not? You can start a new family tradition complete with a relaxing soak at the end of the day.

Depending on where the hot tub is placed, you may be cold making your way to it, but once you’re there and drop your robe, the warmth of the water will envelop you like a hug. Many hot tub and spa owners find that the winter months are when they enjoy the hot tub the most. Swimming in the pool is the enjoyable part of summer, soaking in a hot tub is the enjoyable part of winter. In fact, spending time in the hot tub just might make your feelings about winter just a little bit warmer.

It's Not Too Early To Think Spring And Pool Opening!Holidays In The Hot Tub? Yes, Please!

Why should you keep your hot tub open through Christmas or New Year’s or year round? We have some ideas you may not have thought about. The ideas we’re offering might give you thoughts you’d never imagined before and might make it more of an option.

Just remember, you will need to keep up with a cleaning and maintenance schedule, whether you do it yourself or hire a hot tub contractor to care for it on your behalf — it is a necessary part of the overall enjoyment.

Consider these reasons to enjoy your hot tub this winter season

Soak away the cold. Winter is brutal — snow, ice, howling winds. Bbbrrrr. When you’re in a hot tub, the heat and the jets will warm you the way a warm jacket just won’t.

Soak away aches and pains. If you’re out shoveling the snow or if you’re tense from a wintery commute, a soak in a hot tub will ease your aches and pains. Spending time in the heated water may even make you look forward to shoveling the driveway! No?

If you’re an outdoor athlete in the winter, a soak in a hot tub will be a welcome treat after a day of snowmobiling, cross country or downhill skiing.

Starve a cold, feed a fever? Is that the old saying? Regardless of the saying, you just might get rid of the sniffles if you spend time in your hot tub or spa. The heated water will help clear your sinuses and may even help you ward off a full-fledged cold. A hot tub soak will also relax the muscles around your chest and will help clear your lungs. You can even use essential oils in a diffuser around the hot tub to amp up the health benefits of the hot tub soak.

Help your body out. In the winter months, your body has to work harder to keep you warm. You shiver as a way to warm up. Soaking in a hot tub gives your body a chance to rest and recoup and help it not work as hard to keep you warm.

Don't Let Freezing Temps Damage Your PoolIf you eat a big meal — whether Thanksgiving or even the comfort foods that are calorie and carb laden — soaking in a hot tub after a meal aids in digestion. A twenty minute soak in the hot tub after a meal will open your blood vessels and this will make it easier for your blood to flow and gives your heart a break from having to work so hard to circulate your blood. Improved blood circulation improves your digestion.

A cure for a hangover. We’ve all been there — imbibing a bit too much at a holiday or office party. Oh my aching head and roiling belly! Soaking in your hot tub for about twenty minutes will open your pores and improve blood circulation, if your pores are open, toxins can be released through sweating and you’ll feel better. Soaking in a hot tub is dehydrating, though, so make certain you’re drinking water while you soak.

No matter the reason you’re soaking in the hot tub, don’t soak alone. Always have someone there as a safety measure.

Enjoy your hot tub this holiday season and deep into the winter months ahead! Give your pool and hot tub contractor a call if you need to remain on the schedule for regular hot tub cleaning and maintenance visits.