You know that owning a swimming pool might amp up the value of your home as well as its resale value. Did you know, though that a well-designed and thought out outdoor kitchen can also add to the resale value of your home? It’s true and many swimming pool designers and landscapers will tell you that putting together an outdoor kitchen and cooking area will help move your living to the out-of-doors during the warm summer months.

If you’re the cook of the family, an outdoor kitchen is ideal. You won’t have to be away from the action and fun that is occurring poolside nor will you have to be in the hot kitchen cooking. An outdoor kitchen and living space is a wonderful way to upgrade your pool whether you’re in the market to sell your home or whether you just want to add more fun to the living area you already have.

How To Design An Outdoor KitchenHow To Design An Outdoor Kitchen

What are some outdoor kitchen trends that we’re seeing? 

  1. Accessories matter. An outdoor kitchen is more than a standalone grill. The accessories that are being put into outdoor kitchens include the grill, a food prep area, an oven, fully stocked cupboards, a sink for clean up, a wine refrigerator and an area set up specifically for outdoor dining.
  2. A separate area, but one that is welcoming (indoor kitchens are the hub of the home and outdoor kitchens are the hub of the outdoor area). Many outdoor kitchen area will have bar seating so conversations with the chef are unimpeded.
Are there mistakes to avoid when designing your kitchen? Yes. 

  1. Know what the other homes in your area have in the way of outdoor amenities. If your outdoor kitchen is considered “over the top” it may not enhance the opportunity to sell your home nor will it truly increase the value of yoru home.
  2. Do you live in an area of the country that makes sense to spend money on an outdoor kitchen? If, for example, you only use the pool a couple months of the year, do you want to spend that much money on an outdoor kitchen upgrade? Maybe it would make more sense, from a resale aspect, to upgrade the indoor kitchen.

 How can you get the most for your outdoor kitchen budget? 

  1. Set a budget. Know what you can spend and know where you want to put the money. For example, do you want granite countertops or are you more considered with having a state of the art grill? Know what matters to you and put your design money there.
  2. Decide whether you want mid-range or high-end fixtures. Stone veneers are a stylish, and cost effective way to minimc any stone work you may have in your swimming pool design. Hiring a stone mason to construct a unique outdoor kitchen area to incorporate the amenties is a high-end, high-impact way to design the kitchen.
  3. How much time do you truly spend outdoors, poolside? Do you spend fewer hours out there because it’s not equipped enough? If you had an outdoor kitchen and upgraded outdoor living space would you spend more time out there? Do you want to upgrade or add a kitchen because “everyone in the neighborhood has one”?

You need to know whether it makes sense to spend the family budget on an outdoor kitchen. It’s a uniquely personal decision. If you want to have one, though, talk with your pool contractor and he can help you realize the dream of an outdoor kitchen.