When it comes to hot tubs, many peopel use them in the out-of-doors in the winter months. Why is that? Because there is nothing more luxurious than shedding your clothes on a winter day and dipping into the heated depths of your hot tub. A hot tub soak can also take the chill from your bones and help you sleep better. What better reasons do you need? How to enjoy a hot tub in winter is something we write about regularly because many people don’t use their hot tubs nearly as often in the heat of summer as they do in the cooler months of the year.

Winter is a great time to use an outdoor hot tub, but you do need to take precautions to assure you’re not going to cause the hot tub any damage. You also want to do what you can to ensure it’s as energy efficient as possible.

How To Enjoy A Hot Tub In The Winter

hot tub fun in the winterTurn it up when the temperatures drop. Don’t neglect to turn on the heat and run the jets even on those days when you may not use the hot tub. If you leave water lying in the pipes and it freezes, it can cause extensive damage. If you’re committing to keeping the hot tub open year-round, you need to commit to running the heater and jets.

To make it easier, set the heat and jets on a timer and have them turn on throughout the day and night to protect the pipes from freezing. Use the “auto-heat” mode if your hot tub has one.

It’s a good idea to invest in a cycle timer and have the hot tub cycle on for at least fifteen minutes every hour throughout the day.

Water temperature. Popular wisdom states that it will cost you less money to maintain the water temperature in a controlled way rather than to let the temperature plunge, then have to boost the heat to get the water to the temperature you want before your soak. It’s the same as if you let your house get frigid all day, then turn it up when you get home from work. The furnace has to work harder to raise the temperature than it would have to have maintained it as a lower level.

Lower the temperature, but not too low. Then when you want to use it, heat it slowly to achieve the desired temperature. Keep in mind, that the colder it is outside, the longer it will take for the water to heat up.

Hot tub draining. It is an unfortunate event if you have to drain your hot tub in the winter. Yes, you do need to drain it and thoroughly clean it on occasion, but if possible, do it before winter settles all the way in. You don’t want to be draining and cleaning the hot tub when the temperatures are in the single digits.

Protect your investment and your utility bill. Now that you’re operating the hot tub in an energy efficient manner you want to protect it and keep the heated water trapped inside. Always use a cover to trap the heat. You may also want to use a thermal blanket underneath the hot tub cover. This floats on the top of the water and traps the heated water.

Make certain the hot tub shell is properly insulated to protect the pipes and to help it work efficiently.

If you’re using your hot tub throughout the winter, make sure you get on a cleaning and maintenance schedule to assure the water is bacteria-free and clean when you’re ready for a soak.