Do Fifi and Fido yearn to get into the swimming pool with you? Some dogs really want to be in the water especially the Labs and Retriever breeds. There are smaller dogs, too who love to swim. If you have a swimming pool and have been considering letting your dog join you in the pool for some family fun, we have put together some tips to make it fun and safe for everyone.

As a pool owner you will need to decide:

  1. Do we want the dog in the pool?
  2. Are we equipped with safety devices to keep him safe
  3. Do we have a ramp to help him get out
  4. Are we prepared to rinse her off after she gets out to get the chlorine out of her fur
  5. Are we ready for potential changes in water chemistry because the pup or more than one pup is in the pool?

How To Enjoy The Dog Days Of Summer In The Pool

How To Enjoy The Dog Days Of Summer In The Pool If your dog is pacing the side of the swimming pool every time you are in it with the family you may just want to invite him in. Make sure you have talked with your swimming pool contractor to let him know of potential changes in water chemistry when he pays a service visit because your pup is in the pool.

Here are safety tips for dogs in pools. 

  1. You must have a ramp for him to get into and out of the pool on. You need to commit to training him where it is and how to use it.
  2. You should have a life jacket for him in the event he gets tired when he’s swimming
  3. You need to watch him to make sure if he’s swimming around that he doesn’t scratch any children with his claws when he’s swimming
  4. You may want to rinse him off before he gets into the water to remove loose fur, debris and even fecal matter from his fur
  5. Don’t let him drink the pool water. Keep a bowl of clean, fresh water nearby and discourage him from drinking from the pool.

How To Enjoy The Dog Days Of Summer In The PoolThere are some benefits to swimming for your dog. 

  1. It’s a great way for him to get in shape
  2. If you have an older dog or a dog with joint issues a swim in the pool will give him a way to exercise without causing injury
  3. Dogs just want to be involved in what you’re doing — invite her in!

If your dog is poolside but doesn’t seem too inclined to get in with you. don’t force it. Put a kiddie pool next to the family pool and fill it with water. Your dog may feel more comfortable in a smaller body of water in which her paws touch the ground. She may also drink from that pool without fear of her drinking the chlorine filled water.

There really is no reason your dog can’t join you, you just need to make sure you do everything possible to keep her safe.

Everyone into the pool!