What or whom is the biggest culprit to dirty pool water? You guessed it — everyone who’s using it! We’re not trying to say that you have dirty friends (laughing out loud!) but people, in general can upset swimming pool water chemistry. Even you are contaminating the pool water every time you jump in.

There is a way to help prevent this and we will get to that a little later in this article. For now let’s just share a little bit of the ways in which you and those who use your pool can dirty up the water. Dirty pool water is one thing (contaminants) and off balance water chemistry is the main factor being impacted by bodies in the pool water.

How To Keep Swimmers From Dirtying Up Your Swimming Pool Water

shower before you swim

The only way to keep your pool water pristine and the water chemistry perfectly balanced is to not let anyone swim it it! Who would ever do that? Right? You got a pool because you want to swim in it. Before we move on, though let’s explain some of the ways in which your swimmers are upsetting the water chemistry.

Swimmers bring in:

  1. Bacteria
  2. Pollution
  3. Hair spray
  4. Deodorants
  5. Perfumes
  6. Sweat
  7. Dead skin
  8. Fecal matter…
  9. Need we go on?

Now imagine, too that you let your dogs swim with you, they can bring in contaminants on their fur, in their mouths on the pads of their feet and more. That is an article for another time!

One of the best ways to ensure your pool water stays clean and that your swimmers don’t upset the chemistry is by showering before you get in. Just as guests to your home become accustomed to taking their shoes off when they come to your home so they aren’t tracking contaminants into the house you can set up a “rule of the pool” that everyone showers before they get in.

They don’t have to spend hours — or even more than a few minutes in the shower — they do need to get under the shower head, wet down their hair and rinse off the contaminants of the day before they get into the swimming pool.

When you were in high school, if there was a swimming pool, we’ll bet you had to shower before you swam. The reason for that is because of the high swimmer load in that school pool the pool service or maintenance professional is responsible for to keep the pool water as clean as possible. If the water gets too dirty it will need to be shocked and that could mean down time for the pool.

fun in the pool

If you have a pool house, make sure there is a shower. If you don’t have a pool house, you need to decide whether you want your guests traipsing through the house or you can set up an outdoor shower that offers privacy for changing as well as showering before swimming. You may even want to have an additional bathroom or shower added to your home that has easy access to and from the pool.

The best way to ensure that “take a shower before you swim” isn’t a big deal — make it part of the pool routine from day one. If anyone balks or asks why… let them read the list above! Chances are they wouldn’t want to swim in that, either.

Here are a few more reasons your guests should shower and how you can make it easier for them to comply:

  •  It’s a house rule.
  • Tell your guests you’re a germaphobe and would really appreciate them taking a shower.
  • Remind them they are going to get wet anyway! They can slip into their suits, shower then jump into the pool. Easy!
  • They don’t have to lather up — just a quick full body rinse to get rid of contaminants
  • Tell them they will be helping you out by helping keep the water chemistry balanced so the pool is always ready for use when they visit.

The cleaner the water, the safer it is for everyone who uses the pool 

As an example… if you need another… would you and your guests share the same coffee cup? Not likely BUT when you’re swimming, you are each “swimming in the other’s water.” Liken it to everyone using the same bath water — no one wants to do that, right?

Here’s to a fun, healthy summer! Give your local swimming pool service contractor a call and see what it would cost for a summer service maintenance contract! Now is the best time to do that.