Many hot tub owners will tell you that, sure they may use the hot tub in the summer, but it really gets rocking and gets used in the colder months of the year. A soak in a hot tub or spa takes the chill off, loosens your chilled muscles and is just relaxing. If the temperatures are dipping and the snow is falling, chances are you are ready to get into the hot tub, right!

Hot tub service professionals explain they get busier in the cooler months with the hot tub and spa maintenance than they typically are in the summer. They are busy year round, just with different water-filled bodies in the backyard! If this is your first season with a hot tub, you may want to look at some amenities — we cannot recommend more highly a heated towel rack. Ohhhh so toasty and nothing better than getting out of heated water and into a heated towel. Trust us!

How To Protect The Hot Tub & Enjoy It All Winter Long

Here are tips to keep the hot tub protected all winter long so you can enjoy it whenever you want to!

Balance pool water chemicals. Add shock treatment as well.

hot tub use in winter

The water level in the pool should be lowered to below the skimmer

Make certain the pipes and pool equipment is clear of water. If water is left there and it freezes and expands it will crack and damage the pipes and equipment.

Swimming pool antifreeze should be added to the lines to prevent them from freezing.

  1. Even if you’re not going to use the hot tub every day, you do want the water circulating. Water that is moving, won’t freeze
  2. Keep the water temperature above freezing. You don’t have to have it at the 100 degrees you may have when you’re using it, but you want it to be kept warm. The warmer the standard temp is the shorter time it will take to heat up when you’re ready to use it.
  3. Ensure you’re always using a hot tub cover when the hot tub isn’t in use. It will slow the rate of evaporation and will also trap the heated water making it more energy efficient.
  4. Check the insulation around the hot tub to
  5. Even if you only use the hot tub on weekends or on occasion, make it a habit to inspect it regularly — daily in fact — to make sure the jets are running, the pump is running and that the heater is running.
  6. Don’t forget to schedule a hot tub maintenance visit to ensure the water chemistry is kept in balance.

Hot tub users find they also want to spend time outdoors after, or before a soak. Make that easier and more comfortable by installing patio heaters or fire features. Don’t forget the heated towel racks and even heated blankets on the chairs. Call your pool contractor and get on his or her schedule for cleanings and make sure the hot tub is ready to use when you’re ready to use it.