All of the fun is taking place outdoors, by the swimming pool, and you’re indoors missing all the fun. How can you cook a dinner AND still enjoy the fun that’s happening poolside? Why by adding an outdoor kitchen!

When you add an outdoor kitchen poolside you elevate outdoor parties and family get-togethers. In order for your outdoor kitchen project to come together, you need to properly plan it — this means you and your designer will look at the entire layout of the pool area, with a bird’s eye view is best. The bird’s eye view will let you see where everything will be placed and how it will look once it’s done.

Put together your budget for the project and if your budget won’t cover the entire cost, work on portions of the project at a time and in a few years you will have realized the entire project and you won’t have to miss the fun that’s going on outside because you’re cooking indoors.

Is It Time To Have An Outdoor Poolside Kitchen?

Here are ideas on how to add an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor living space.

luxurious backyard livingMake sure the foundation can carry the weight

The foundation for the outdoor kitchen must be strong enough to bear its weight. For example if you have a raised deck or a wooden deck by an inground swimming pool, will it support the weight of the kitchen? Should you, instead, look at having a new foundation poured to accommodate the entire outdoor kitchen project.

Depending on the kitchen’s proximity to the pool, you will need to be aware of splash out because the type of flooring you have for your kitchen needs to not be slippery. The floor by the kitchen, though, needs to be able to resist stains from food and grease and be easy to clean.

Location. Location. Location. 

The bird’s eye view of the potential design for your outdoor kitchen will let you see how it will look when the project is done, what the traffic flow to and from the house and outdoor kitchen and pool will be. You will also need to look at where the grill is situated and which way the wind blows — you don’t want your guests to be in the pool and be engulfed in cooking smoke.

Your outdoor kitchen needs to be placed at least ten feet away from any combustible material and your home.

Consider the view from your home. Will the outdoor kitchen obstruct a view you’ve come to love? If so, reconsider its placement.

What accessories do you want?

Once you know the available space for your outdoor kitchen, you can determine which accessories you want. Accessories can be:

  1. Cupboards
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Wine fridge
  4. Grill unit
  5. Sinks
  6. Work surfaces
  7. Seating area

Space considerations:  Allow space on both sides of the stovetop/grill to accommodate kitchen tools.

outdoor kitchenWhat about storage

Storage spaces for your outdoor kitchen should be a consideration. Will you fully equip the outdoor kitchen space with utensils, cooking items, pots, pans, plates, etc. The other option is to ferry items from your kitchen every time you cook a meal — it’s doable, but you may not want to bother with it and it might be easier to invest in a set of cookware and plates, etc. for the outdoor space.

If you’re going to fully equip the outdoor kitchen, you will want cupboards that are weather resistant and that don’t obstruct views.

For construction materials, many traditionally choose a combination of stone and stainless steel. Concrete countertops are  sleek and aren’t high maintenance.

Don’t forget the seating area

Chairs, tables and other furniture add to the ambiance of the outdoor kitchen space. Will you eat in the kitchen area or will you eat in another part of your outdoor living area? Determine that as part of your kitchen design.