Do you sometimes think that Arizona “forgets” that it is spring? Much of the state went from “spring” on the calendar to a record-breaking 100 degree temperatures earlier this week. Spring, for some areas of the country is apparently already in the rear-view mirror!

If you don’t live in Arizona and if spring weather is still ongoing where you live — you know, April showers, warmer temperatures, lovely spring breezes — you may be wondering if it makes sense to have your pool opened before summer.

Are there benefits to a spring swimming pool opening? Why, yes, there are!

  1. If summer temperatures arrive early, you’re ready
  2. If it warms up and the pool cover is on and the pool isn’t open, the pump isn’t running and chemicals haven’t been added you run the risk of algae growth
  3. Call your pool contractor now to get on his schedule — you’ll have an easier time than if you wait until “traditional” pool opening times

Here are other benefits to spring swimming pool opening

Beat the rush. As mentioned, once warm weather settles in, EVERYONE will want their pool open and you will probably be put on a waiting list. Don’t cool your heels when the weather is warm enough for swimming. If you live in an area of the country where the swim season is short, getting in as soon as possible makes sense.

Algae. As mentioned above, a pool without a pump running is stagnant water. Heat on the cover on the water warms it up and stimulates algae growth. The last thing you want to do is have your pool contractor peel off the cover and be greeted with algae. It takes a simple pool opening away and turns it into a massive clean up before the pool opening can be started.

More swim time. If the pool is open — even if it seems “too early” you may luck out and get some wonderful early summer days. That means, everyone into the pool! If you use a pool heater, you have an even better opportunity to get in some swim time before your friends and neighbors. If swim season is short, even adding a week or two is a gift!

Early bird specials. Did you know that some pool contractors will offer early bird specials for a spring pool opening? They may also offer early bird specials for pool owners who sign up for swimming pool seasonal maintenance. Check with your pool contractor and see if there are any specials you can take advantage of.

What goes into a swimming pool opening? A primer for new pool owners and a refresher for long-time pool owners. 

  • Water will be removed from the pool cover.
  • The cover will be removed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Winter plugs will be removed and the regular drain plugs will be put back in place.
  • Pool equipment will be reinstalled — diving board, slide, fountains, etc.
  • A thorough pool cleaning will be undertaken. Brushing. Vacuuming. chemical testing, it’s a process!
  • The pool will be refilled.
  • All equipment and the pool itself and the plumbing will be inspected.
  • The pump and filter will be reattached, turned on and tested.
  • Water chemistry will be tested.
  • Chemicals will be added.
  • The pump will be run for a long time — up to 48 hours to circulate all of the chemicals.
  • The water may need to be shocked after everything is turned on, it’s been refilled and the water’s been tested. Shocking will kill off any bacteria, microorganisms and other organic material that may have escaped the vacuum and other cleaning procedures.
  • Test the water again.
  • SWIM!!!

Is this the year you will have an early spring pool opening? What are you waiting for!