By the time you read this, Spring will be in front of you. That means that summer is slowly approaching. If you live in the warmer areas of the country, however, you may already be enjoying your swimming pool — perhaps you’ve been using it all year!

No matter whether your pool has been opened for the season or if you’re still waiting for your pool contractor to come and open it for you, take some time to ask yourself, “Is your pool and backyard summer-ready?” There are many items you will want to pay attention to — in addition to the swimmng pool itself.

Consider that you will spend more time out of the water than you will in the water and you can see why it makes sense to give the outdoor living space, the deck and even the pool itself a look with an eye toward improving it to add to the summer fun.

Is Your Pool & Backyard Summer-Ready?


Do you love the look and feel of the area surrounding the pool? Do you look up from the pool and notice your neighbors looking into your yard and watching you swim? How about planting and landscaping for privacy as well as aesthetics?

Planting flowers, shrubbery and even trees with roots that don’t spread will enhance the beauty of the pool. Strategic planting can give you more privacy and can also help with water evaporation. Planting shrubbery that slows the amount of wind that blows across the top of your pool will limit the amount of water lost through evaporation.

Is Your Pool & Backyard Summer-Ready?When landscaping look for: 

  1. Low maintenance plants
  2. Plants that won’t draw bees or ants
  3. Plants and trees that won’t lure in too many birds
  4. Trees that won’t have roots that spread and will damage your pool plumbing
  5. Trees that won’t be shedding leaves into the pool. Note that even though evergreens don’t shed leaves, they do drop needles and sap and that can be messy.
  6. Invest in potted plants that you can move around to change up the look of the outdoor living space
  7. Look at the pool fence. It can be both functional and beautiful as it performs its safety duties.

 Swimming Pool

The pool itself is the focal point of your backyard. Do you love it? Does it need a facelift? Have you ever thought of adding in colored or color-changing lighting?

How about adding water accessories such as a fountain, sun shelves or even a rock waterfall.

Customize the pool to suit your lifestyle and your unique tastes.

Outdoor living space

Some new pool owners focus so fully on the pool itself that they neglect to plan for the deck or other outdoor living spaces that surround the pool.

A pool deck, gazebo or pool house only serve to enhance the time you spend in and around the pool. Remember, you will be out of the pool more than you’re in and you should have an outdoor living space that is welcoming and keeps you poolside, even if you’re not swimming.

If you have the budget, install an outdoor kitchen complete with weather proof appliances and cupboards. Once summer comes you won’t have to go indoors to cook or eat a meal.

If you want to breathe new life into your pool space, give your pool contractor a call and get the project started!