We know that not too many pool owners are thinking about calling their swimming pool service contractor and talking about the swimming pool opening, right? We get it. But we wonder if you have ever thought about an early spring pool opening? There are many reasons to plan for a spring opening and if that’s the case with your family, and depending on the area of the country in which you live, it’s not too early to think about getting on your pool contractor’s calendar to schedule your pool opening.

It’s Not Too Early To Think Spring And Pool Opening!

As we write this article, the snow is falling, but we can see the word “spring” on the calendar and know that it isn’t as far away as it may seem. In many parts of the country — Arizona, for example — people are already turning on the air conditioners and getting ready for the summer weather that is sure to arrive. If you have a pool heater, the longer days and warmer (relatively speaking) nights may allow you to take a dip in the pool even earlier in the season than you may have ever anticipated.

It's Not Too Early To Think Spring And Pool Opening!Consider too, if you live in one of the areas of the country in which swim season is decidedly short, a spring pool opening might make sense so you can add more weeks of in-pool fun to the year.

Here are a few reasons to consider a spring pool opening:

  1. A major benefit is that you can usually have your pick of pool opening dates on your pool contractor’s schedule as he won’t be as busy right now than he will once the calendar truly turns to spring and summer weather. If the temperatures suddenly soar, everyone will want to be on his calendar and you may be cooling your heels to get an appointment. Even worse, you will lose precious swim time.
  2. Algae is the nemesis of every pool owner. It can be avoided through diligent pool care and moving water. The thing is, with algae, if the water in your pool isn’t moving and the cover is on and the sun is out you have the recipe for algae disaster. The last thing you want to see when your pool contractor opens the pool for the season is black or green or yellow slimey water. Algae in the pool requires vigorous treatment and cleaning and will definitely delay the pool opening. If you open the pool early and are running the pool pump and adding chemicals when necessary you will avoid the stagnant water and the risk of algae in the water.
  3. As mentioned above, if you have a pool heater, and you’re having your pool opened in the spring you will have a longer swimming season. That, bottom line, is the biggest and best reason we can think of for a spring pool opening.

Because your pool contractor is in his “slow” season, he may just offer deeply discounted pricing on pool openings, early bird specials on pool supplies and services and lower rates on equipment. In addition to the potential savings offered by your pool contractor, new equipment and accessories are typically released at this time of the year and you can get in on the trend before your friends and neighbors do!

Have you ever considered a spring pool opening? If you have wondered about it, but don’t have a pool heater, talk with your pool contractor as he may just offer discounts on a pool heater combined with early bird pool opening specials and you and your family might be swimming before you know it!