Just because winter is fast approaching doesn’t mean that you need to spend your time indoors. In fact, nothing can shake away the winter blues faster than taking a long, leisurely soak in your spa.


Reasons to Keep Your Hot Tub Open During Christmas


Keeping your outdoor spa may sound a bit crazy, especially during the winter season. But the truth is that there are a lot of good reasons to keep your spa open during Christmas and the rest of the winter season.


Ease those nasty body pains


The cold winter can really take its toll on your body, especially if you’re suffering from joint-related health conditions like arthritis or rheumatism. Soaking in the hot spa water can help bring relieve to all sorts of body aches and pains.


Get rid of the sniffles


Sadly, these are quite common during this time of the year. The last thing you’d want is to have a really bad cough and cold that will make you miss all those Christmas parties and gatherings.

Dipping in your hot tub can help relax the muscles around your chest, allowing you to breathe easier and more deeply. The steam emanating here can also help help clear up your sinuses and soothe your throat. You can even add some eucalyptus or ylang-ylang essential oils into your spa water so that they mix in with the steam. Aside from making your spa smell really good, these both contain properties that help open up your airways, stimulate your sinuses, and help you breathe easier.


Soothe your muscles after a winter workout


Spending at least 30 minutes soaking in your hot tub after your winter workout routine can help relax your muscles and rejuvenate your body. After soaking, rub some peppermint or lemongrass essential oils on your body. The heat from soaking in the spa will transfer to the essential oils, warming them up and reducing your chances of experiencing cramps or muscle spasms.


Help aid in digestion


Did you know that your body has to work overtime during the winter not only to keep your body warm, but also digest all the turkey, goose, and other delicious food that you consume during Christmas gatherings?

One way to make sure you and your guests won’t suffer a bad case of ingestion is sitting in your spa for at least 20 minutes after eating. The warm water helps your blood vessels to become wider, making it easier for blood to flow, which means that your heart does not have to work extra hard to circulate the blood throughout your body. Improving your blood circulation also helps your stomach digest all that food you’ve eaten better.


A hangover cure


Had a little bit too much to drink during last night’s Christmas party? After drinking a glass of your favorite sports drink, hop into your jacuzzi and soak in it for about 25 minutes. The hot spa water will open up your skin pores and improve your blood circulation. These will help your body get rid of the excess alcohol that’s still inside your body.

Soaking in your spa can cause you to get dehydrated, so make sure that you have a glass of water or your favorite sports drink nearby and take regular sips to rehydrate your body.


Caring for Your Spa During the Christmas Season


Whether you’re throwing a Christmas spa party or just want to use it as a warm retreat to combat the winter blues, it’s important to make sure that your spa’s clean and filled with fresh, sparkling water.

First, drain your spa completely. Clean your spa’s shell, jets, and filters with an all-purpose spa cleaner. Apply a thin layer of ThermoGloss to the inside surface of your hot tub.

Fill your spa with sparkling fresh water. Add the needed sanitizers and other chemicals. Test your spa water chemistry to make sure that everything is at the right levels.


Final Tips to Totally Enjoy Your Spa


Increase the water’s temperature


Don’t be afraid to crank up your spa water temperature higher than usual. This will help combat the cooling effect the winter air can have to your spa’s water so that the temperature is always just right and inviting.


Give it regular shock treatments


Since it’s likely that you will be using your hot tub more frequently during the winter season, shock treating the water would help get rid of all the dirt and harmful microorganisms. That way, your spa will always ready for you when you need it.


Use a winter spa cover


Covering your spa with a cover specially designed for the season will prevent the water from getting contaminated by the rain and snow. It will also help protect it from freezing when the temperatures drop to icy levels, especially at night and early in the morning.