Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day! What do you have planned to celebrate Dad this year? Whether you’re celebrating Dad or Granddad, June is the ideal time to gather by the swimming pool and have fun together in the backyard.

You may even want to give dad a break from cooking on the grill and let the teenagers take over or even Mom may want to try her hand at the grill! Although, we know many Dads and Granddads who won’t want to give up grill time, so you may just want to make extraordinary sides and other food (and drink!) to whet Dad’s palate.

Let’s Celebrate Dad By The Pool

Here are suggestions to help Dad get the most out of “his” day!

fathers day

While he’s at work, mow the lawn for him. If he’s home, he may just take over and mow the lawn himself. If he’s at work and you grab the lawnmower and do the lawn so he doesn’t have to worry about it on Father’s Day, he can just kick back and relax!

Give him a new raft and swimsuit or even a floating drink holder so he can spend time in the pool. If you have a swimming pool, you know that it’s always a party waiting to happen and that’s why you will want to buy Dad some accessories to help him have even more fun in the sun (and the pool!)

Hint: if Dad is usually the one responsible for pool maintenance, give him a gift of a swimming pool service contract! Hire a pool contractor and have that company take over the maintenance tasks for the summer. He will thank you for it!

Plan the best Father’s Day Ever!

Let's Celebrate Dad By The PoolHere are some thoughts on things Dad might like and you can surprise him with this year.

  1. Take him to a baseball game or give him tickets and let him take some of his friends.
  2. Does he enjoy fishing? Get him some fishing gear and maybe even get him some time on a charter fishing boat for the afternoon.
  3. How about a round of golf for Father’s Day or for another day for him and his friends. Don’t forget to splurge for the cart as well!
  4. Is camping something that Dad loves, but the family hasn’t done in a while? Plan a camping weekend. It will be a great way to unplug and simply spend time together. If you don’t want to go away, spend your camping weekend in the backyard. Set up a tent and camp poolside!
  5. Is Dad a beer or wine lover? Set up a limo, grab some friends and take a wine tour or visit craft breweries for the day.

Grilling up dinner

As mentioned previously, take control of the grill — if Dad will let you! Hhhmmm speaking of grills… you may want to look at Dad’s grill and see if it might need to be replaced? That could be the best Father’s Day gift ever for Dad!

Make Dad’s Day The Best. Day. Ever.

Dad gives so much to so many. Give him the best Father’s Day ever! Every Dad will want something different so give your dad the day of his dreams! Take all, some, or none of our suggestions, but start planning today for Father’s Day around the pool and make it memorable.