Your swimming pool is amazing but your backyard space is ho-hum. What can you do to make your backyard as inviting and amazing and aesthetically pleasing as your swimming pool? You can talk with your pool contractor and have a luxury backyard poolside upgrade project undertaken.

There are a myriad of amenities you could have added to your backyard swimming pool area that will make the pool and your yard even more welcoming as your staycation spot. Many families understand that getting away for a vacation is a time-consuming and a money-consuming endeavor. It is hard to even get everyone to agree on the same vacation — amusement park, cabin in the woods or a beach get away? Everyone wants something else!

When you upgrade and update your backyard and swimming pool area you are adding amenities that will make your home a staycation getaway that everyone in the family can get on board with!

Luxury Backyard Poolside Amenities To Consider

Put your budget together then talk with your pool contractor and see what, if any, of these amenities you want to add to your backyard pool space.

Outdoor kitchen and pizza oven combo. If you love pizza, and who doesn’t? You may want to have an authentic pizza oven installed in your backyard. When you have a pizza oven you can make traditional pizzas, fruit pizzas and many other dough-based items. You could throw a make-your-own pizza party and your guests can watch as you place their pizzas into the open-aired pizza oven. Delicious and flashy!

If you have a pizza oven you may want an entire kitchen set up. You can truly move your indoor living outdoors all summer, and even into the autumn-long. A fully equipped outdoor kitchen means you won’t have to cook indoors at all. Your outdoor kitchen could have a sink, stove burners, grill, dishwasher, refrigerator and you will naturally want cupboards where you can store your cooking and eating utensils. You don’t want to have to carry items to and from the house every time you cook and eat outdoors, right?

Look for outdoor kitchen amenities that are weather and waterproof. You may want to cover your kitchen in the winter — especially if you live in a snowy area of the country; even though you’re getting water and weatherproof items they may still rust.

Hot tub or spa. If you haven’t invested in a hot tub or spa, now might be the time! Consider having the hot tub or spa in a location adjacent to the swimming pool, but separate. You can set up the hot tub or spa in an area that makes it appear you are in an oasis separate from the pool and other outdoor living space.

Have your pool contractor construct an open air structure and you can hang light, linen curtains that will highlight a wrought iron structure. The curtains can be closed to keep out chilly winds and prying eyes of your neighbors! Decorate the hot tub and spa area in a way that lends itself to calm and relaxation, from the amenities to the seating area next to the hot tub and others.

A pavilion or a swim-up tiki bar. A pavilion is different from a gazebo or pool house in that a pavilion is an open-air space much like you’d see at a state park or playground. The pavilion is a permanent structure with supports in the form of columns and a roof. This is a great structure if you have a large backyard and a lot of friends and family whom you entertain. You can have your pavilion be as large or as small as you’d like and it can be a rectangle, square or even round — it is up to you and your unique decorating flavor.

You may want a structure that allows for a more closed-in space and if that’s the case you may want to get a pool house or a gazebo for your backyard. Your pool house or gazebo could be an additional overnight guest living space, could hold a shower stall, washing machine and dryer and be a changing space for your guests.

A tiki hut and a swim-up bar mean you don’t have to leave the pool to grab a drink and relax in the cover of a tiki hut!

Outdoor entertainment system. If you’re spending your time outdoors, you may want to watch television or catch a movie or listen to music. Look into outdoor television monitors and outdoor entertainment components. You can show movies on a movie projector for your guests once the sun goes down.  When you invest in outdoor entertainment systems you will still want to place the components in a space in which they won’t be subjected to the weather. Put a television or the entertainment system in an area tucked away from rain and sun. You may even want to enclose it in a weatherproof, waterproof casing. You may even want to install a security system if you’re having high-end equipment installed in your backyard living space.

Take your backyard from ho-hum to WOW!

When you’re upgrading and updating the backyard swimming pool space, talk with your pool builder and let him or her know what you want and what atmosphere you’re looking to cultivate back there. Show your builder your budget and work with him to get the backyard space of your dreams. Even if you can’t undertake the entire upgrade and update you want all at once, plan it out over a year or so until your staycation, backyard space is everything you’d ever dreamed it could be!