Whether there are St. Patrick’s Day parades or not this year on or around March 17 (thank you coronavirus for stopping many parades!) you can still enjoy the day with family and do a bit of the “wearing of the green.” If the weather cooperates, and the pool is open by all means throw a poolside party!

St. Patrick’s day brings with it thoughts of Easter, spring and summer and it’s right after daylight saving time and its switching of the hour. It’s time for a party, right?!

Plan A Poolside St. Patrick’s Day Party!

Enjoy the day and your family and the pool this year!

Traditional Irish foods. Grill a corned beef and the cabbage, carrots and potatoes. You may want to put the corned beef on the grill to get some grill marks then toss it in a Dutch oven with a splash of water and a can of Guinness beer and let it cook low and slow on indirect heat.

Grilling the vegetables add an additional layer of flavor — everything benefits from being on the grill! There are a myriad of ways you can grill the veggies from simply cutting them and laying them on the grill to cook. Marinating the carrots and potatoes then cooking them on indirect heat. Brushing the cut cabbage with olive oil and grilling it cut side down. The cabbage may need to spend time in the Dutch oven to ensure it’s cooked through and not crunchy.

Celebrate the Culture. Attend or watch a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Enjoy the Irish dancing during the parade or on a Youtube video. Have a dance off with your pool party guests.

Make St. Patrick’s day crafts. Shamrocks are the decoration of the day. Grab decorations from the local craft store or look in your yard for clovers. Put out some crayons or chalk and construction paper and decorate Irish flags. Glue these or a shamrock design to a popsicle stick then plant it in a planter filled with shamrocks and let the guests take them home!

Dessert And Green Drinks. Bake shamrock and leprechaun hat-shaped sugar cookies. Mix up green frosting and buy some sprinkles and jimmies and have a cookie decorating contest. The guests can take home a plate of decorated cookies or eat them during the party!

Add a couple drops of green food coloring to a bowl of punch made with apple juice and ginger ale. Put food coloring into your ice cube trays and keep the green theme going.

Don’t forget the bathing suits. If the weather cooperates and the pool has been opened, enjoy time in the pool with your friends and family. Turn on the pool heater. If the water is warm but the air is chilly toss towels and robes in the dryer and treat your guests to warmed towels when they get out of the pool.

Enjoy your 2021 St. Patrick’s Day safely and surrounded by family and friends!