Who wants the hassle of making dinner reservations and being surrounded by dozens, or more, of other couples who are out celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner. If you have a swimming pool, some time and a sense of adventure, why not plan a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two right in your backyard?

Cook up a delicious dinner on the backyard grill and make it a night to remember. Whether you cook dinner together or if you surprise your significant other with a candelight dinner poolside, here are a couple of ideas to make that dinner delicious, romantic and memorable.

valentine's dinnerPlan A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner

Enjoy this restaurant-quality mean without the trouble of getting there and waiting to be served. Just because you’re not going to a restaurant, though, doesn’t mean you can’t dress for the occasion.

Can’t decide what to have for your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner? Cook up a couple of options then share bites from one another’s plates! Cook up some lobster tails, a prime rib steak for two or even a delicious stuffed chicken breast. Don’t forget the sides. How about a green salad with kales, capers, candied walnuts and your favorite vegetables. Rice pilaf livens up almost any meal and you can make it healthier by using brown rice. How about garlic mashed potatoes?¬†Warmed bread and flavored butter round out the meal.

Red wine or white? Well, it depends on the meal, but if you want to offer beef and chicken or even fish you can change the wines with the courses you’re serving. Break some rules and make the dinner memorable for it’s uniqueness as well as the deliciousness of the food and the wonderful company.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert. How about a chocolate mousse with fresh raspberry sauce? Grilled fruits with honey drizzle and vanilla bean ice cream? A slice of a decadent triple chocolate cake? You don’t have to make it yourself to make it a memorable part of the meal.

Dinner Ideas

Cast-iron skillet t-bone steak. Cook the steak on an already heated cast iron skillet. Dab it with pats of herbed butter, toss some rosemary into the pan at the end of the cooking. Salt, pepper and viola — delicious steak.

Grilled chicken breast with fresh plum salsa. Cook the chicken with your favorite herbs — rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper, Chop up plums, apples and grill to soften them then spoon over the cooked chicken.

Skewer shrimp, squeeze lime over them and grill. This can make a delicious appetizer or the main course. Pair it with grilled asparagus and a lemon or lime wine reduction.

Salmon or sea bass is a tasty alternative to beef or chicken. Choose your favorite fish and grill either right on the flames or cook them in foil with lemon or lime, poppy seeds and your favorite veggies and you have a dinner in a packet.

For Your Sides

  1. Grill veggies
  2. Slice potatoes or sweet potatoes, drizzle with olive oil and grill
  3. A wedge salad
  4. Mashed, garlic potatoes
  5. Warm, crusty bread with herbed butter


  1. Grilled fruits
  2. Skewered and grilled fruit with yogurt/honey dipping sauce
  3. Store bought cake, cheesecake or pie (you don’t have to cook everything to make it a magical dinner!)
  4. A bowl of your favorite ice cream and an ice cream salad “bar” that includes chocolate topping, cherries, whipped cream, nuts, shaved chocolate slices, etc.

If you’re planning to suprrise your significant other with a romantic dinner poolside, send an invitation that hints at the menu and makes mention of the “dress code.”

Here’s to a wonderful Valentine’s Date!