The sound of water has long been known to relieve stress and help individuals relax. When you combine water with yoga and meditation you have the recipe for a relaxing time whether you’ve got hours or only a few minutes of down time.

If you know anyone who practices yoga they will likely tell you of its benefits for both body and mind. Yoga is a series of stretches and poses and deep breathing. When practicing yoga, the hope is that you will relax your mind while exercising your body.

yogaUnderwater and poolside yoga can help you get even more in tune with your mind and body and with nature. Yoga can be practiced in the water or on a yoga mat poolside — it’s your personal choice where you grab some yoga time.

Practice Poolside Meditation & Yoga

One of the major benefits of doing any type of in water exercise is that the buoyancy of the water will remove any potential stress or strain on your muscles and joints. Even though a water work out may seem easier than an on land workout routine, you are still reaping the benefit of yoga.

Add meditation to your poolside workout routine. You can meditate by sitting in the lotus position poolside or you can swim slow, meditative laps and get in a body workout while you’re clearing your mind with meditation.

Poolside Yoga Poses

Warrior II

This classic pose is easier to hold when you’re in the water.

Warrior II in the pool

  • Stand with feet, hip distance apart
  • Turn right foot out so it’s facing forward
  • Lift your arms out of the water, perpendicular with your body
  • Keep arms shoulder height
  • Lean toward your right, bend right knee (make sure it doesn’t bend beyond your toes)
  • Sink hips into the water; try to get your right thigh parallel to the floor of the pool
  • Engage your core
  • Breathe slowly through the pose

Boat Pose

Grab pool noodles. Place noodles lengthwise on either side of you. Stretch your legs out in front of you.

Push the noodles down into the water. Engage your core and lift your legs while your arms continue to push down on the pool noodles. Your goal is to get into a “v” pose, if possible. The water will support your legs.

pool yogaHand to toe pose

The water’s buoyancy will keep your extended leg afloat.

  • Stand by the side of the pool
  • Hold on to stabilize yourself
  • Lift your outer leg up
  • Bend knee toward your chest
  • Grab your big toe and straighten leg as much as you can
  • After you feel steady, rotate leg as far as you can
  • Stop if you begin to feel discomfort or pain.
  • Switch sides and do the same with your other leg

Floating Savasana

When you practice yoga, the final pose is a “resting pose.” The Savasana returns your mind and body to the present and eases you back into awareness.

To do Savasana in the pool, lie back in the water. Use a pool noodle to help stay afloat. Lie in the water, floating until you are relaxed.

Aqua yoga is an ideal workout routine for most everyone. Check with your doctor to make certain you are healthy enough to start a workout routine.