As of this writing, a winter storm had recently blanketed the Northeast and another is being predicted to impact 21 states before the end of the first week of March. We know that with those weather predictions, you’re probably not really thinking, “I wonder if we should schedule our pool opening.”

spring pool opening

We’re here to tell you though, giving your pool contractor a call and getting on his schedule for a spring opening might be the wisest thing you do this week! Why? Because when the spring weather arrives, and arrive it will, your friends and neighbors will all be scrambling to get on the schedule of the pool contractor for their own pool openings. If you’re not the early bird, you may lose precious swim time this season and you don’t want to risk that!

Prepare For Your Spring Pool Opening

Have you ever considered an early or mid-spring opening rather than waiting for the verge of summer? There are myriad reasons to talk with your pool contractor for an early spring pool opening and here are a few to consider.

Pool owners who have a pool heater may completely agree with the idea of a spring pool opening. The days are getting warmer and with the help of a pool heater, you may be able to have the pool opened and to take the plunge. What are you waiting for?

Get on the calendar. When you have a spring pool opening you will probably have your choice of dates from which to have your pool contractor come out. If you wait too long, his calendar may be full and you will have to look longingly at your pool and be unable to use it because your neighbors have taken all of the pool opening appointments.

spring pool openingAvoid algae. If your pool is closed, the cover is on and the sun is beating down on it (yes, even spring sun!) algae can be making its insiduous way into your pool water and when your pool contractor comes to perform a simple opening, he may be faced with dealing with an algae filled pool before the normal opening procedures can be started. Once the pool is opened, the pump and filter will be running regularly and that will keep algae at bay. When the pool is closed for the winter, though there is no water movement and that, coupled with the warmer days and sunshine are the perfect breeding ground for algae. An early spring opening may prevent algae from growing in the still water.

Be the first to host a 2018 pool party! You will be the talk of the town and the envy of your friends and neighbors if you’re the first to host a pool party … and it’s still spring! This will probably be much easier to do if you have a pool heater. Although if you live in Arizona, the days are already warm enough to heat the pool water to comfortable levels.

Whatever your reasons, why not call your pool contractor, ask his advice on a spring pool opening and get on the calendar. If you’re in the path of the latest potential storms, you may want to hold off, but ask him and see when a pool opening can be scheduled.

Here’s to the new swim season!