It’s never too soon to give some thought to your New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re one of the millions of people who set for resolutions and talk about things or new habits they want to start or even talk about items in their lives they want to move away from, you’re not alone.

If you’re like many people, though, who set resolutions, they will have fallen off your radar and out of your habits within the first two weeks of the new year! The reason many people don’t keep up with resolutions is that they are vague, can’t really be quantified and for some, they are just too HUGE and that makes them seem scary and insurmountable!

Pool owners who want to set forth swimming pool resolutions for the new year, we have some to consider that we don’t think are too hard or too vague to be unable to be kept up with.

Resolutions For Pool Owners For 2019

Whether your personal resolutions focus on health, finances, family or work, if you’re a swimming pool owner you can dtop pool resolutions into your new year and its plans.

swimming pool resolutions Be more self reliant in your pool care.

Learn to test the pool water chemistry between service visits. Your swimming pool contractor will be happy to show you how to read and understand the chemistry levels when you test your water. Testing the water yourself isn’t time consuming, nor is it expensive to invest in a water test kit.

You can purchase a water chemistry test kit from your pool contractor or a local swimming pool supply store. Invest in an additional set of test strips. Read the instructions that come with the test kit and follow the steps to test the water.

Adding chemicals to the pool and undertaking the delicate balancing act that is water chemistry may not be in your plans, but if you test the water and notice the readings are off balance, you can give your pool contractor a call and schedule an additional pool cleaning. Your pool contractor is a pro at adding the correct amount of chemicals to get the water chemistry balances back where they belong.

Resolve to go green.

Pool owners understand that adding chemicals to the pool water has long been the traditional way to keep the water free of harmful bacteria. Chemicals also keep algae spores at bay and prevent your water from turning black with algae bloom.

In our more and ever-evolving health conscious environment, many pool owners want to move away from using chemicals to keep the water clean and to living a greener life especially when they’re in the swimming pool.

There are several ways to go green:

  1. By using fewer fossil fuels to heat the water. Use solar and solar covers.
  2. Using fewer chemicals to clean the water. Invest in a salt water chlorination system.
  3. By having to refill the pool because of the water evaporation because you didn’t use a pool cover.

The use of a pool cover cuts back on evaporation and if you use a solar cover you can heat the water without having to use electricity or gas or wood. The cover also keeps the water cleaner, which could lead to the use of fewer chemicals and will make it easier to keep clean.

Run the pool pump and filter during the overnight hours when the cost of electicity is lower.

Make the pool more eco-friendly is by making a switch to LED pool lights. These lights are powerful, light the water up dramatically and last for years. LED lights also only consume 20% of the electricity used by regular pool lighting.

Install a wind block of trees and shrubbery to eliminate evaporation of the pool water because of wind blowing across the surface of the pool. A well planned wind block can keep the water in the pool by blocking the flow of air.

Clean up your surroundings

If you live in an area of the country where leaves fall from the trees in autumn, you will want to make certain you’re cleaning the leaves away from the pool equipment regularly. While you’re at it, cut back branches to eliminate leaves, sap and branches themselves from dropping into the pool.

Resolutions For Pool Owners For 2019Use the pool more frequently

Is your pool lost in the shuffle of daily life? Can you even remember the last time you’ve had a swimming pool party or just relaxed in the pool or poolside with your family? If you can’t quite remember, then resolve to swim more frequently this next summer.

Another reason to swim more often is to help lose the weight you may have gained during the holiday months. Swimming is a great way to lose weight in a safe manner without putting any stress or strain on your bones or joints.

When you swim you burn up to 500 calories an hour in this low impact exercise. If your kids are joining you in the pool, they will be getting exercise without even knowing it. Ssshhh, we won’t tell them if you don’t.

Your resolution to use the pool more often will help you realize just why you made the investment in it and will help you and your family reconnect at the end of a long day at work or school.

 Resolve to be more social, invite more friends over and just spend time with your family in the pool during 2019 — you’ll be glad you did!