2020 is just around the corner. How did that happen?! Well, there you have it and there is almost is! When the old year winds down and a new year is ramping up, it is a time for reflection and resolutions. With a new year upon us, this is the perfect time when you sit down, reflect on the past year, and write down some New Year resolutions you’d want to achieve.

If you’re a swimming pool owner, in addition to your weight loss or time management or financial and other personal goals, you may want to consider some swimming pool resolutions. We have given you a couple of articles this month for resolutions: Weight loss and Pool safety. This list is different ways in which you can take different or better care of your swimming pool in 2020.

Resolving To Have A Great 2020 Swim Season!

Ready? Here we go!

Isn't It Time To Get Your Own Hot Tub?Understand pool chemistry

Even if you work with a swimming pool service contractor you should still understand water chemistry. Ask your pool contractor to show you how to understand and interpret the readings on a water test kit. If you have had a pool party, are planning a pool party, have had a huge rainfall or have had the family dogs in the pool or a larger than usual swimmer load, it makes sense to test the water chemistry. Testing it isn’t hard — understanding what chemicals to use, might be confusing though. Ask your pool contractor what the readings mean, what to add to the water and when to call him for help.

Be a “green” pool owner

From conserving water to using fewer chemicals to being diligent in the use of the swimming pool cover to lowering the pool water temperature a degree or two, there are many ways in which you can go green that won’t break the bank.

Here are some ways to be greener:

  1. Use a pool cover
  2. Heat the water by using a solar cover
  3. Lower the water temp a degree or two
  4. Run the pool pump and filter in the overnight when the cost of electricity is lower and the drain on the power grid is less
  5. Switch to LED pool lights
  6. If you’re renovating the pool invest in energy efficient equipment.
  7. Install a variable speed pump. This is a HUGE money saver
pool water circulationKeep it cleaner

You can keep the pool water cleaner and the pump running more efficiently by cleaning up any yard debris. Falling leaves and other dirt and debris can make the water dirty and if it’s surrounding the pump and filter, it can make them run harder and longer. Use a pool cover to keep dirt and debris out of the water and that is a great way to go green and have cleaner water.

 Resolve to use the pool more frequently

Okay, we know, this is a fun resolution, but so many times we get so busy with our lives that a week or more can go by and you haven’t used the pool in some time. If you need a reminder, write on your calendar “take a swim” hot dog recipeor “family fun in the pool” so you don’t forget to spend time together and get outdoors and into the pool!

Have a party! (or more than one party!})

You want to be in the pool in general, but you also want to socialize more! Stay in touch with friends and family and have a pool party! Don’t stress out about planning the “perfect” party. Call or email or text your friends, tell them to bring their towels, some beverages and to chip in for a pizza! Or you can treat to some pizza or other take out. When you order out, you don’t have to worry about meal prep. Another easy meal is burgers and hot dogs on the grill, store-bought salads, chips, dip and veggies. Viola — instant party and easy meal!

What is your New Year’s Pool resolution?