Our homes truly are our castles and because of that pool owners and homeowners want to make the most of the backyard space and turn the family home into a vacation getaway spot. This is even more important for those individuals who only get a week or two vacation and want to have a space where they can enjoy that vacation feel without leaving their home.

Spending time at home, whether with family or friends or both, is making families want to do what they can to add amenities to the backyard living space by adding accessories and creating a welcoming space to rest, relax and have fun.

What can you add to your backyard living space to add to the enjoyment of the space?

Steps To Make Your Backyard As Luxurious As A Vacation Getaway

An outdoor kitchen

In the past, outdoor living and cooking used to be simple – you’d fire up the charcoal or gas grill, gather in folding lawn chairs and cook up some burgers and fries. With gourmet kitchens being the gathering place inside the home it only makes sense that adding a kitchen to your outdoor living space should mimic your gourmet indoor kitchen.

Talk with your pool contractor about adding a gourmet kitchen, a refrigerator, wine cooler, comfortable furniture, a food preparation area, cupboards that hold all the dishes and utensils you need for outdoor entertaining so you’re not running to and from the house during your party.

Luxury backyard living will allow you to host a party with guests in a space that is just as comfortable as your home but allows you to enjoy the great outdoors.

luxurious backyard living Your pool and/or spa

When you have a swimming pool or spa you have a built in area for vacationing and simply having a swimming pool is a luxury item. Setting your home apart by adding a swimming pool and/or spa is one way that homeowner’s get creative with design and with staycation spaces.

Even if you have a “basic” swimming pool, the landscaping and any pool accessories you add to your swimming pool adds to the luxury of your pool. Consider adding a fountain, rock waterfall, a diving board or a hot tub or spa to one end of the swimming pool. Talk with your pool contractor to uncover ways in which you can add to the beauty, luxury and aesthetics of your swimming pool.

Landscaping for luxury

From planting trees, shrubbery, your pool fence or even potted plants, the way in which you landscape can add to the aesthetics of your swimming pool.

You can add a gazebo, a pool house, an awning or colorful umbrellas to shade the pool area and for interest and appeal.

Don’t forget the deck itself and the lighting and walkway to the pool from the house.

A Zen garden will add to the relaxation and beauty of the space, and you may even want to add a koi pond if you have space in your yard.

Fire features

In addition to your outdoor kitchen, you can have a fire pit or other fire/water feature added to the backyard living space. A fireplace can be constructed for aesthetics only or can be added as an additional cooking space where you can cook hot dogs or marshmallows!

You will want to choose whether you want a wood fired fireplace, electric or a gas fireplace. The way in which you use it, the access to utilities and aesthetics will be among the decisions you will need to make to decide which type of fire place to have constructed.

What luxury items do you and your family enjoy? What would bring you more enjoyment in your backyard space and make it feel more like a luxurious getaway than just your “backyard”? Decide what that might be then talk with a pool contractor or a landscaper to help make those dreams a reality.