Oh my aching back (or knees, or hips or… well, you get it!) Everyone knows it is important to get up and get moving. Obesity is becoming an epidemic in the United States and it’s due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

If you’re in pain and if moving only makes that pain worse (arthritis sufferers understand this) you know that if you get up and walk or do other exercises in order to be healthier — you will pay for it later when your muscles and joints are aching and on fire from having been pushed. It’s a vicious cycle — you want to get healthy, but doing so causes pain and fatigue.

What can you do to get healthier without causing yourself pain?

If you’re looking for a way to get up and get moving and perhaps lose weight and increase your cardiovascular health, but you also need something that is easy on your joints — have you tried swimming?

Swimming Is A Healthy Exercise For Everyone

Even More swimming pool workout benefitsLet’s jump into swimming and why it’s a great exercise for virtually anyone. There are many health benefits you can reap from swimming — one of the best is that your doctor will probably approve of this as a way to get healthier and get into an active lifestyle.

You don’t need to be in shape in order to swim

Swimming is an exercise that you can do even if you’ve been a couch potato or if your daily job involves sitting for extended periods of time. Individuals with physical challenges or who are recovering from an injury can swim without fear of further injury.

A land-based exercise, when you’re recovering from an illness or surgery may be frowned upon by your doctor, but he or she may give a thumbs up to swimming.

You won’t injure your joints

This is a plus for anyone who suffers from arthritis or other joint or muscle pain issues. Swimming is low impact and that means you won’t be putting pressure on your muscles or joints and you won’t cause yourself injury. Even those with back pain or back issues and arthritis or diabetic foot pain can swim.

Your heart will thank you

Heart health is key to overall health. Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can undertake. When you swim you will also increase your lung capacity and as we age if our lungs aren’t healthy we are prone to lung issues like pneumonia.

Work your entire body

Switching up the swim strokes you use will help work more of your muscles and joints. If you aren’t a strong swimmer you can run from side to side in the pool. Really use your arms to propel yourself forward. Do lunges in the water. Grab a kick board and hold on tight, kick your way from end to end.

Want to lose weight?

Swimming — honestly, any kind of exercise will help you lose weight and feel and be healthier. If you’re looking to lose weight — you will want to cut back on calories and you will want to amp up your exercise routine. Swimming is an ideal way to move from sedentary to movement. Swimming is a great way to get up, get healthy and live a happier life.

Is a swimming pool in your future so you have a place in which you can exercise and get in better shape? If so, call a pool contractor today and get your project started!