There is no doubt that your swimming pool is the focal point of your backyard. There is likely nothing you can, or will, put into that space that will rival the pool – nor should it. The landscaping around the swimming pool completes the look of the space and enhances the aesthetics in a way no other structure truly can.

When you’re talking with your pool contractor you may feel inclined to choose your favorite flower for your landscaping. “I like roses” or “we love lilac bushes” or “Japanese maples are the only tree we can accept.” Of course you want to LOVE your landscaping BUT you don’t want to plant at the expense of adding more work to keeping the pool clean or to the very structure of the pool itself.

A pool contractor will likely work with a landscape professional who can help you find plants that will be a great fit for the swimming pool and patio area. They can help you find foliage that will withstand the splashing of chlorinated water and other challenges associated with growing poolside.

A swimming pool is the hub of an ultra-microclimate. This means the area surrounding the pool can be warmer and more humid than the surrounding area. This is especially true if you have a tall fence, a pool house or a windbreak of trees. A walled-in pool area with a hot tub, for example, all converge to create its own climate. You need to find plants that will survive that particular atmosphere. The color and type of deck you have will also impact the potential for the growth of the trees and plants (a dark deck will cause the area to be hotter than a specific plant may be able to survive).

The Best Ways To Landscape Poolside

The Best Ways To Landscape PoolsideHere are some plants that work around most pool landscapes.

  1. As the name implies, these trees and shrubbery remain evergreen year-round. They don’t drop leaves the way other trees will in autumn. Their green color makes them a decorative element for the rest of your outdoor living space. You can find creeping, groundcover evergreens, taller trees and shrubbery. Evergreens aren’t pollen producers and don’t shed leaves BUT some of them do leak sap and others have pinecones. Choose wisely.
  2. There is such a wide variety of perennials and if you have fallen in love with a bush, or a creeping variety, you can almost rest assured they will be with you and act as your ornamental landscape for years to come.
  3. Ornamental grasses can be a decorate plant used between other greenery. Grasses come in various colors and heights and will blend or contrast with your other plantings. Ask yourself if you want a grass that continues to grow that you will need to cut back or if you want one that gets to a specific height and stops.
  4. Hostas are a great creeping plant that grows quickly. Hostas are beautiful in their variegated color. Their large leaves provide ground coverage for those areas that may have sparse grass or ornamental decking. They look tropical and lend an air of the “islands” to your poolside space. Hostas are prized because they require so little care. Look for one that will survive and thrive in the micro climate around your pool.
  5. Early blooming plants such as daffodils and crocus bring a bright pop of color even before your thoughts have turned to using the swimming pool. When these colorful beauties pop their heads out of the winter soil, they invite you to pull that furniture out of storage and start spending time in your outdoor living space. After all, summer is right around the corner!

Talk with your landscaping professional or your swimming pool contractor to gain their insight on the best plants for your unique poolside space. Remember, each pool and each micro climate is unique and needs to have plants that will survive there.