Carnivores unite! There is nothing that brings us together more than the perfectly grilled steak BUT there is nothing that separates backyard grill masters more than how to get the perfect steak! There’s nothing better than a grilled steak and we have some suggestions for you on how to can get that steak everyone will rave about.

If you’re new to grilling steaks, this is a great Steak 101 and you can add your own unique flair to your steak on the grill.

Whether this is your first grill out on your new grill or if you’re an old hand at it or if the tongs have been passed down to you from an older generation, grilling the perfect steak takes skill and could take practice to get it just right.

Remember, the best grilled steaks start when you shop for that perfect cut of meat.

If you master the art of the steak you will be crowned King of the Grill!

There’s Nothing Better Than A Grilled Steak

Best Steak On GrillBuy the best steak

When you start with a great cut of meat it can withstand even the most unskilled griller (to a point!) An inferior cut of meat — no matter how skilled you are, leaves you at a grilling disadvantage. Tough steak is tough steak no matter how much you tenderize or marinate it!

Here are our steak insights.

  1. Filet mignon is a lean cut taken from the ribcage. It is an expensive cut and with good reason. It is one of the most tender cuts. Because it has a lack of fat, it may not be as flavorful as other cuts, but it is tender.
  2. Flank steak has a rich flavor and doesn’t require too much marinating. This cut, if you’re interested in this kind of thing, is taken from the abdominal area. Because this cut is fibrous, it is best served medium-rare. If you have friends or family who insist on a well-cooked steak, this is not the cut for them because well-done leads to tough.
  3. Flat iron steak is a popular cut. It is flavorful, inexpensive, tender. It is a popular alternative to the pricier filet mignon.
  4. Porterhouse comes from the rear of the cow. It is not the T-bone even though it has a t-shaped bone. This is a cut for the budget-conscious steak lover who enjoys a t-bone.
  5. Ribeye is a beautifully-marbled, juicy cut and is ideal for beginning grill masters.
  6. Sirloin has a rich flavor. When purchasing a sirloin to grill, ask for the top sirloin as it is more tender than the other cuts. Burgers are typically made from the sirloin.
  7. Strip some times called the Kansas City, shell, First Cut or New York Strip is flavorful thanks to its  marbling. The sinew can make it tricky for the novice griller.
  8. T-bone is a popular cut for grillmasters. It features a large T bone in the center — hence the name.

 Does it Where should you shop for your steak?

Will the local grocery store or superstore have the best steak? They might, but then again they might not! The greatest steak dinner starts with the greatest steak. That makes sense, right?

If you have never gone to a butcher or purchased steaks from a local farmer or organic beef farm you are truly missing out. Look for a steak that starts from high-quality cows and if you know where your steak came from it may make the meal more enjoyable because you know you’re getting locally sourced foods and you’re helping a local farmer.

Keep in mind, when you’re shopping that the thicker the cut the easier it is to get those prized grill marks without cooking the meat too fully. No one wants an overcooked steak unless you’re a steak eater who wants his or her steak well done. No judgment, but many steaks are better when cooked medium to medium well.

How much prep does the steak need?

Starting the steaks on the grill when they are room temperature leads to a steak that is more evenly cooked than one taken right from the fridge. When the steak is taken from the fridge to the grill it will cook quickly on the outside and not as quickly on the inside and that leads to an unevenly cooked steak and even the best cut might not be able to overcome that.

There's Nothing Better Than A Grilled SteakMarinate

Calm down steak purists! Steaks may be made even more delicious when you marinate them or give them a dry rub.

One of our favorite dry rub is simple and includes:

  1. Salt
  2. Pepper
  3. Herbs
  4. Spices

A dry rub enhances the steak, seals in some of the juices and doesn’t hide the flavor of the steak.

The proper dry rub enhances the flavor and helps tenderize even the most tender cut of meat. The rub will also trap the juices so they stay in the steak when you’re cooking.

Rub the steak about 30-minutes before you plan on grilling. Remember, too you want the steak room temp! It will require some planning.

The steak is ready… is the grill?

Take a deep breath before you rush to the grill and slap the steaks down! There is grill prep you need to do first.

Don’t be so eager to grill that you put all your charcoal in one area, light it then don’t distribute the charcoal — that means the heat is not distributed either!

Two zones of grilling genius

Zone one is the hot zone. Put the charcoal here to sear the steak and get those prized grill marks.

Zone two is the cold zone. The steaks will rest here. Resting lets the interior cook to the desired doneness.  cook to the preferred doneness

There's Nothing Better Than A Grilled SteakThe rules of grilling

Who knew there was so much that goes into grilling? We did!

Here is the biggest rule. Flip the steak every three minutes.

Here is how to make the magic happen

  1. Put the steak on the grill.
  2. Place it in the hot zone
  3. Cover it.
  4. Grill for three minutes.
  5. Flip it over.
  6. Keep it on the hot zone.
  7. Cover it.
  8. Grill for three minutes.
  9. This gives a beautifully charred crust.
  10. Flip the steak again.
  11. Put t in the cold zone
  12. Leave the cover open.
  13. Grill for three minutes.
  14. Flip and repeat from step 5.
  15. ENJOY!

What makes it a perfect steak?

The grill itself. Or more importantly, you need to know your grill. Every grill is different and you need to understand the nuances of yours.

Know the temperature of your grill as that will determine how and where you put your steak.

Don’t forget that steaks continue to cook even when they are taken off the grill. You’re supposed to let it rest and why you should remove it from the grill before it’s as cooked as you’re looking for it to be.

 Ssshhhh, let it rest

The smell is so tantalizing that we know you want to cut into the steak right now but wait.

When you take the steak off the grill and slice into it you’re depriving yourself.

Cutting into it immediately means the juices will run out and your steak will be dry. Ugh. When the steak rests for five minutes, the juices will be reabsorbed and the steak remains juicy and tender. When the steak is resting sip an adult beverage and congratulate yourself for a job well done.

Enjoy, but first

What?! Something else?!

Don your King of the Grill crown and accept your accolades!