April showers bring May flowers, but what does spring — that begins on March 20 bring? A swimming pool opening for the new swim season, of course! Whether you have a specific day of the year or a specific set of “rules” for example: if it stays above X degrees for X number of days we will call to get on the schedule for a swimming pool opening, you may be starting to think about it.

California and Arizona, among other states, are blessed with weather that allows them to swim most months of the year. New York and Massachusetts and many other states in the northeast don’t get many months of swim weather so they are usually counting down the minutes until the pools can get opened. Other states, in between, fall in the “let’s get the pool open on the first day of spring” to the “let’s wait and see attitude.”

Have Fun In The Pool & Save Money!

No matter where you are, by the time you read this you will probably be having your hand hovering over the call button on your cell phone so you don’t miss the early window of opportunity to get your pool on the schedule for an early opening. We know there is nothing worse than being told — we can’t get to you for a couple of weeks — and now you see potential swimming days slipping away!

‘Tis The Season To Open The Pool For 2021!

It’s difficult to decide whether it’s better to open the pool “too early” or to miss swim days. That is your decision to make and we know it’s not an easy one!

How can you decide when to open the pool?

  1. Check long-term weather forecasts paying special attention to the average daily and night time temperatures
  2. Is there any snow forecast?
  3. Grab an almanac and see how those predictions match a Google search
  4. When did you open it last year
  5. Ask your pool contractor if he or she has any recommendations.

There is no harm in calling your pool contractor and getting on his schedule, right? At least if you do that you will have a time and a target date for the opening and a time when you and the family can swim and kick off summer 2021. You also know that even if you schedule a pool opening on a Monday, it’s not like you can swim on a Tuesday. It takes time for the chemicals to circulate and for the chemistry to be properly balanced enough for swimming.

If you have a pool water heater you can certainly get in more quickly than if you have to wait until the sun is warm enough and high enough in the sky for enough hours a day to do its job and make the pool water comfortable enough.

What are some benefits to calling your pool contractor early and getting on the pool opening schedule?

spring pool opening
  1. You’re on the calendar. End of story! You won’t have to fight for a slot or wait and wait because you were proactive.
  2. If the pool is open and chemicals are added and the pool pump and filter are running you avoid algae growth. A closed pool with still water and no chemicals is an algae-filled pool waiting to happen.
  3. Once the pool is open you can plan your first party!
  4. You just might be the “first kid on the block” to be swimming and those are some great bragging rights!
  5. If your pool requires work or equipment replacement and you’ve opened the pool early you can get the equipment installed and the repairs made so you don’t lose swim time.

Give your pool contractor a call and talk with him or her and see what is recommended for a pool opening. If you don’t have a swimming pool contractor, now is the time to start interviewing one and getting on the calendar for a pool opening. Remember, if you’re trying to become a new customer you may have to wait until your potential pool contractor takes care of his existing customers but never fear — your pool will get opened and soon you’ll be swimming your summer away!