What do you buy for the person who has everything AND who has a swimming pool? Well, when you add a swimming pool into the mix you have made gift-buying even easier! Buy the pool owner in your life a unique gift he or she can use in the pool. Every time they use it, they will think of you!

Unique Gifts For The Pool Owner

unique holiday gift ideas

  1. A personalized life-saving ring. Whether you’re going to get it monogrammed with each family member’s name or their last name or a funny phrase they are known for, this unique gift will reside poolside and everytime they see it they will think of you.
  2. Monogrammed towels for the pool. Buy a towel for every family member with his or her own name on it. If their dog swims with them, don’t forget to get a towel for him, too!
  3. If they have a dog who loves the pool, buy a swim vest for the dog.
  4. Floating waterproof speakers. If your friends like to entertain and like to listen to music while doing so, then this is the ideal gift to bring the sounds of the season right to the pool.
  5. A volleyball, basketball or other in pool game that anyone can play and enjoy together.
  6. Automated pool devices like a remote control skimmer or a robotic swimming pool cleaner.
  7. An outdoor, lighted pool table.
  8. A remote controlled floating drink holder. Why leave the pool when you can have your drink delivered right to your pool raft.
  9. An aquatic rock climbing wall. This device mounts on the side of the pool, and allows guests to climb and fall back into the pool if they want!
  10. A coupon or certificate for swimming pool cleaning for the summer.

Pay attention to what your pool-owning friends are using in teh swimming pool, check your list and buy them a family gift that they will enjoy all summer long. Who knows, you just might get an invitation and can join them in the pool next summer!