What can you do to make swimming in your family pool even more fun than it already is? How about adding a water feature. There are a myriad of water features from which to choose and if you opt for one, talk with your pool contractor and ask his or her advice on how it will fit into your existing pool, what it will cost, and other considerations for adding this water feature.

If you’ve been dreaming of having cascading water in the form of a rock water fall — whether for the soothing sound of it or the fun your children will have playing in, and behind the waterfall, it is one of the many water features you can have.

Upgrade Your Swimming Pool With These Water Features

If you have your heart set on a waterfall — and why wouldn’t you! They are graceful, elegant and visually stunning. When adding a waterfall you may want to add these features in to amp up the beauty of the waterfall itself.

Go natural. When constructing your waterfall, ask your pool contractor whether he can find natural rocks and stones to use for the water fall itself and for the curtain of water to fall over. A rock waterfall adds a natural beauty to your swimming. The water will cascade (the curtain) over the mountain of rocks and drop into the swimming pool. You can have the water form a curtain or you can have the water simply flow down the rocks into the pool. The wider the curtain, the softer the sound of the falling water is. If you want a louder rush of water you will want a smaller curtain for the water to flow over.

Grotto. Consider whether you’d like to be able to sit and relax behind the curtain of water. If you think you do you will want to talk with your pool contractor about adding a grotto to the design. Decide how far back you want the grotto set — do you want to get wet or do you want an essentially dry area? Do you want a slim shelf upon which you can sit and watch the rest of the pool through the curtain of water? Decide what you think is necessary for your grotto and design it from that standpoint.

Fountain. A rock waterfall is a big undertaking for a pool project. A fountain or a geyser in the swimming pool is still quite a project, but not as much as a rock waterfall. A gusher or fountains on the side of the pool add elegance and beauty to the pool as well as adding a cooling aspect. A fountain feature is one your children will love.

Tips To Keep Your Pool Trouble FreeThey can be noisy. Rock waterfalls, waterfalls in general, can be noisy. The waterfall noise can either be soothing or it can be too loud — so loud that you can’t relax and have a conversation poolside. consider the noise factor when having your rock waterfall constructed. Remember, too that a rock waterfall and its noise will block out other noises — the neighbors and traffic and that can be a plus.

Don’t forget the lighting. The lighting of your rock waterfall can make a stunning structure absolutely breathtaking. Lighting the waterfall water feature will also help keep it safer for nighttime swimming. The waterfall, being lit will help illuminate the pool water itself. Add lights into the grotto area to add a romantic feel to the space behind the waterfall curtain. Imagine enjoying a glass of wine with your loved one behind the water curtain in a romantically lit space.

Water features can be added during the construction phase or they can be a part of a swimming pool remodeling. If you want water features, but can afford them during the initial construction, your pool contractor can leave space available for them to be added in when you have the budget in place.