Are you having a new swimming pool constructed this summer? Have you been a long-time pool owner who is now spending so much time in the pool because of the COVID-19 lockdown that you’re noticing the pool could be more fun if it had some more oomph!? What is that oomph? How about a water feature?

Water features can be internal or external and can add more fun as well as aesthetic appeal to your swimming pool. A water feature could technically be a diving board or slide as those are part of the pool but not technically “water” features. But if you want a diving board or slide, talk with your pool contractor when you’re talking about a new construction project or a remodeling of your current pool.

 Water Features Make The Pool More Fun

Water Features Make The Pool More FunSwimming pools at hotels and resorts are laden with water features. Indoor waterparks also have water features you could potentially have added to your family swimming pool — if you have the budget and the room for it.

Some of the favored water features feature waterfall cascades — whether from a fountain, a rock waterfall are beautiful and peaceful.

Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing for a water feature for your family pool

Fountains. These are lovely additions to almost any swimming pool. Fountains can be perched on the side of the pool or they can shoot water from the bottom of the pool or from the sides and cross streams in the middle. You can swim under the streams and watch the light from the sun glittering on the water droplets.

Oversized water feature. Imagine having this large faucet in your swimming pool. The water cascades over you and continues to cascade into the pool and add to the ambiance of the water.

Grotto. If you opt for a rock waterfall, then you should have a grotto constructed. You can sit behind the cascade of water from the waterfall and watch behind the curtain of water. The solitude and the energizing benefits of water are part and parcel of a grotto.

Water Features Make The Pool More FunWaterpark features. If you’ve ever taken the children to a water park you’ve seen the buckets of water from on high that eventually get filled with water and spill over, soaking everyone below. If your pool has the space and your children have been begging for waterpark features, this might be one to consider! Have your pool contractor situate in an area where even the youngest child can enjoy it without being in the deep end of the pool and so adults can avoid it if they wish.

Don’t forget to shine a light on your water feature. When the sun goes down and you’re done swimming for the day, lighting up the fountains, grotto or other features will add a mystical glow to the pool and the outdoor space. Look into LED lighting — they are long-lasting, energy-efficient and can range in various colors to help set the mood.

Revel in the sound. If your bedroom is close to the pool, the sounds of cascading water could be just the right white noise to help you fall asleep.

Although, keep in mind that if you aren’t prepared for the constant sound of the water over the waterfall, make certain your pool contractor knows that and works with you to find a noise level that is tolerable. A wider curtain of water on the rock waterfall brings a lower level of sound than does a small curtain of water. Another benefit is that your rock waterfall or other water feature will become ambient noise and shelter you from the sounds of traffic or your neighbors.

Are you ready to add a water feature to your swimming pool? Give your pool contractor a call and start the process!